Could You Make Like Emmanuelle Alt and Go Without a Handbag?

With the news about Carine Roitfeld leaving Paris Vogue in January, the magazine’s fashion director, Emmanuelle Alt, has also been in the spotlight both as a possible replacement for Roitfeld and as a badass street fashion hero. The Internet is rife with photos of her coming and going from fashion shows in her trademark skinny jeans, leather pants and jackets, and killer boots. As my obsession grew, I noticed that something is always missing: a handbag. (I found a few photos of her carrying tiny bags circa 2006 — perhaps the bagless look evolved in recent years) She seems to typically carry a Blackberry with earbuds attached and an invitation. How liberating is it to imagine walking around without a bag filled with crap you don’t actually need weighing down your shoulder? It’s perhaps not a problem for someone who wears as little make up as she does, and she certainly has a car service at her disposal. But would it be possible for mere mortals who have to take the subway or park our own cars? Do you think you could? Perhaps I will try it out in February, when hopefully I’ll be emulating Emmanuelle in the above outfit during NYC’s fashion week. Note to self: purchase lottery tix tomorrow.