Craving: Simple, Comfy, Rock and Roll Boots

Allison Mosshart in Dior Homme boots performs in San Francisco

After all of the decoration and over-the-top dressing of the holidays, I’m in the mood for simple silhouettes. Especially ones that don’t cause discomfort of any kind. No more binding waistlines, killer heels or lacy push up bras. So I’m very attracted to this simple, comfy boot style. A quick zip and you’re in and out of them. The heel gives you a couple inches but won’t slow you own or cause toe pain. And they’re certainly not boring. To me this shape has a rock and roll rebel vibe, which is such a bonus when it comes in a package this comfy. Allison Mosshart wore a gold version of the Dior Homme numbers (Hedi Slimane at his best) when I saw her in concert in San Francisco in 2009 (above). The silver ones can be yours if you bid on them in the next few days (starting bid is $400).

  • Kate

    I can dig it

  • Kate

    I’ve been considering these, but wonder if these types of boots look better on people with long legs.

    • kp

      Those are cute. And one could argue that pretty much everything looks better on people with long legs, but we can’t let them have all the fun.

  • Eli

    this might sound silly but I got a pair a while back at Target like this because my feet were always killing me! that way I could also justify wearing them to work :)

    • kp

      Doesn’t sound silly to me at all, I heart Target! Just checked out your site, welcome to SF!!

  • Katie

    Get some from Martha Davis! S.F. based, former industrial designer turned shoe designer. :) Get the gold ones!

    • kp

      Those are perfect! Where can I get them??!