Lucky FABB Conference: Brands Question Blogger Behavior, Give Good Schwag

The Lucky FABB conference on Wednesday struck the perfect balance between imparting information and top-notch schwaggy giveaways. For the price of the $100 ticket to get in, I was gifted three pairs of shoes (from Sorel, Timberland and Philip Simon), one pair of J Brand jeans (I chose the amazing coated teal numbers), a small LeSportsac crossbody bag, and a giant LeSportsac duffel chock full of an incredible about of beauty products. It was also stuffed with gift cards, and we received one in the $50 variety from Ideeli. Seriously jaw dropping.

Oh and the learning part! We heard round tables from top fashion execs including Rachel Roy, Rebecca Minkoff, Essie Weingarten, Roger Berman and of course the illustrious Diane von Furstenburg, which I detailed a bit earlier.

One of the most interesting moments was when Essie Weingarten scolded bloggers for writing about her new nail polish colors before they were available, following a conference in Las Vegas where said colors were displayed. Essie was bothered that customers wanted the colors before they were available. Rachel Roy came to bloggers’ defense saying, basically, that she welcomes any buzz about her products, especially on fashion blogs. The moderator of the panel, Jen Ford, at Lucky’s fashion news director, gingerly suggested that designers who want to keep something under wraps typically have writers sign NDAs. That seems obvious, and an oversight on Essie’s part (all due respect, I love her polish and admire her success) rather than bad behavior from bloggers.

Somewhat similarly, Lisa Gavales, Chief Marketing Officer at Express, warned bloggers that fashion is a small world, and they should be careful of what they say. (To her credit she also encouraged bloggers to value their content and make sure they get paid.)

Despite the finger wagging, above all else the most-emphasized concept of the day was authenticity. The most successful bloggers have a genuine voice and are honest and immediate. With that being prized above all, it’s doubtful fashion bloggers will stop writing about next season’s nail polish colors or hold their tongues when something strikes them as not 100 percent super fantastic.