How-To Create Easy Beachy Waves That Look Awesome Any Season

kp Stylenik hair
Photo by Caro Ramirez/Refinery29

People ask me fairly often how I do my hair. So I’m going to share my not-so-top-secret technique with y’all: it’s super easy. After washing my hair (which I only do every couple days whenever possible), I apply mousse, then twist approximately two-inch sections into ringlets. I like to twist them back and away from my face for a kind of Farrah look. But you can vary the direction for more of an “S” wave. If I have time, I let it air dry like that. If i’m in a bit of a hurry, I’ll blow-dry briefly first, then apply mouse and create the ringlets, and then blow-dry each section individually just for a few seconds each. The longer you can leave the ringlets in the better. When the hair is nearly dry I comb my fingers through to get rid of the Shirley Temple look, give it a shake, and voila! Easy peasy beachy waves! On days when I don’t wash it, I touch up my ‘do with a fat curling iron by holding it upside down and wrapping the hair around. Not hard! Try it and let me know how it goes!