SCOPE Art Fair Art Basel Miami Beach: Brigitte Bardot, Steve Jobs and Andy Warhol

Photos by Robyn Ross

I’m playing catch up with my Art Basel Miami Beach photos. But I had to share with you guys these photos from what seems to be my favorite show every year: Scope Art Show. (In case you’re just joining us, Art Basel is a huge art trade show in Miami, and a bajillion smaller shows like Scope revolve around the main event.) These pieces were some of my faves. Brigitte Bardot can only get better with glitter. Andy Warhol almost smiling. An incredibly detailed motorcycle made of wire. Steve Jobs made of tiny images of Ayn Rand behind a screen of melted-together eyeglass frames. So much to love! Stay tuned for more from the Pulse and Fountain shows as soon as I manage to get photos uploaded!

  • Nina

    such an icon!

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