Shailene Woodley’s Valentino Couture Oscars Dress Was My Favorite (Better Late Than Never Edition)

shailene woodley steven simko
I am late posting about Oscars fashion for the following reasons:

1. I had girlfriends over for watching festivities, which included copious amounts of champagne and which yesterday made my head feel like a bowling ball lost in the fog (one that lost its way from Sea Bowl, perhaps!)

2. I missed half of the show to much cackling and mocking of aggressive legs and possible nip slips and butt presentation, not to mention frequent trips to the kitchen for more champagne (we eventually moved it into the living room, duh). So yesterday I was finding out what actually happened.

3. Yesterday I had to write things for Gizmodo, as well as for SF Fashion and Tech.

4. For all the reasons above I missed my dance class, which makes me sad and less productive.

5. I wanted to find out what everyone else would say first.

And now that I’m finally here in front of the computer typing things about the Oscars, the only dress I can think about is Shailene Woodley’s. Did you see The Descendants? She was the out of control teen who in a major stretch of reality becomes a model daughter after enduring her mother’s death and discovering that mom had been cheating on dad (George Clooney, mom must have been a serious dummy).

On the Oscars red carpet, Woodley wore a long-sleeved Valentino Couture gown. Yes it make her look older. But when you’re 20 that’s not really a problem. It was surprising, elegant, structured, and unique, all of the things most of the other awards dresses were not. The Huffington Post wished she’d worn something a little more “youthful.”

Please. Just because a dress has long sleeves doesn’t make it matronly. She was in love with what she was wearing and it showed. If I’d had half the style sense and confidence that she seems to at such a young age I think I’d be editor in chief of Vogue by now. Granted a stylist may have chosen it for her? But Woodley was clearly on board. I was also thrilled to see the the Fug Girls gave her a “Well Played.” She deserves it! Vogue also has a fun slideshow of her getting ready for the big event. I love that photographer Steven Simko caught the dress in motion in the shot above.