That Time When You Realize Everything You’re Wearing Is From Madewell

Photo by Kourosh Karimkhany

The husband and I went to visit some friends in Geyserville this weekend, and on the way up we thought we’d maybe stop at a winery. We did not realize it was “Barrel-Tasting Weekend,” and we didn’t really know what that meant. But we found out! It meant copious wine tasting and drunk loud people. So we skipped the winery idea and headed straight to our friend’s blissful home WAY out in the hills. Very quiet. Very lovely. But not before snapping this photo in which I’m wearing a sweater, jeans, plaid button-up shirt, and suede booties ALL from Madewell. Embarrassing? I didn’t plan it! The bag, at least, is different: from American Apparel. Oh! And the sunglasses are vintage. Anyway, we ended up sleeping over at our friends’ place, so I wore the same thing the next day too. Luckily Madewell makes a very good weekend outfit.