Easy Mother’s Day Bouquet Advice from Flora Grubb’s Floral Designer


Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching, but you still have time to create a gorgeous bouquet for mom. You don’t want to get roses yet again, right? Sure, they’re a crowd pleaser, but mom has probably received one or two of them in her life. I turned to Susie Nadler, the floral designer for Flora Grubb in San Francisco for alternative recommendations.

“Peonies!” she says. “You absolutely cannot go wrong with peonies. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love them. Tightly budded they last a long time. Watching them open up they only get more beautiful. As a mom that’s what I would like!”

Got that, children? Peonies are a little more unexpected but still a crowd pleaser, she says, and they have that traditional festive feeling. They’re beautiful on their own, and you can’t find an easier DIY project than grabbing a bunch of peonies and tying them up with some twine or dropping them in a vase.

But if you want to mix them with another bloom, Nadler recommends ranunculus. It’s slightly late in the season for them now, but Nadler says they’ve been beautiful this year. “They just say springtime and happy. And they’re a little wilder too, so for someone whose taste is more towards the wildflower end of things and less formal, they’re a good choice.

If your mom is super hip, Nadler suggests throwing some succulents into the mix. She wraps wires around succulent rosettes to create bouquets, and the recipient can plant them in the garden or a pot later.

And what type of vessel shall we place our creation in?

“I tend to like repurposed things: old bottles and jars you might have around; mason jars are a bit overused but easy and they look pretty. Or just something from your collection like a beautiful crystal glass or a piece of silver. It can even be something as rustic as an old coffee can. You can either gather everything you need on your own, or call a local florist and tell them exactly what you have in mind.

For another take on the perfect Mother’s Day arrangement, check out the post I wrote for The Wirecutter, with advice from a floral designer who created arrangements at the White House for 22 years!

Read more about Susie Nadler’s beautiful creations at The Cutting Garden.

Images: Succulents, The Cutting Garden at Flora Grubb; ranunculas, Flickr under Creative Commons license/little blue hen; peonies in a pitcher, Flickr under Creative Commons License/waferboard; garden peonies, Richard Philipkoski