You Have Plenty of Time To Buy A Father’s Day Gift!

I get nervous and panicky when I see headlines that say: LAST MINUTE FATHER’S DAY GIFTS YOU DISORGANIZED THOUGHTLESS JERK OF A DAUGHTER. Gosh why do people write things like that? So for folks like myself, I wrote the above headline, and it’s not entirely untrue. Here are gift ideas for six dad types you can have delivered by this weekend if you order now-ish.

1. Groomer

Check out their fun and hard-to-find gifts for manly grooming, including Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer and Tabac after shave lotion. (check out my Gizmodo holiday grooming gift guide for more ideas)

2. Sartorialist

You can’t go wrong with a J. Crew plaid shirt for Dad! (check out my Gizmodo article on the magic of plaid shirts)

3. Jack of All Trades

Amazon has some fun Dad’s Day categories to choose from including car care, bar accessories and cordless power tools. Whiskey stones are on sale for $14!

4. Griller

Check out Hammacher Schlemmer’s Father’s Day gifts, which include this instant French fry slicer and this portable deep-frying grill in which to cook his instantly-sliced fries.

5. Gardener

Is your dad a gardener like mine? Maybe he’d like a subscription to Organic Gardening? My dad was reading it when I was a kid, when “organic” was not on many people’s radar let alone hip. If he’s got a small space, he might like to do some vertical gardening.

6. History Buff

If your dad is like mine, he can’t read enough history books. But I can’t keep track of what he’s read so an iTunes gift card for some tomes to read on his iPad should do the trick.