Engagement Rings for California Cool Girls, Plus Three Parties, Tonight!

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to spend some time ogling and greedily handling some absolutely gorgeous wedding jewelry at my #1 favorite jewelry store in San Francisco: Gallery of Jewels. You may have heard, we go way back! Back in the day, GOJ was a smaller operation, with mostly local artists who created very beautiful pieces with semi-precious stones set in various metals. Today, the local mini chain of three boutiques has blossomed into a place where you can still find local artists, but where you can also acquire the amazing high-end pieces you see here. If I were looking for my engagement ring now, I would absolutely choose one (though it would be SO hard to pick!) from one of the 15 artists they’re featuring for their 2012 Summer of Love event. The rings have the best of all worlds: beautiful, extremely high quality stones in unique settings you won’t find on all your BFF’s fingers. They’re set in varying tones of gold, including the currently very popular but also timeless rose gold, and they have every color diamond from crystal clear to red to black. I love that the designs are unique and slightly edgy without any sacrifice whatsoever of quality. They’re the style of matrimonial bauble a super cool Cali girl would pick in lieu of a strictly classic design that’s been duplicated so many times that it makes you a little yawny. It’s also the kind of ring I would not mind one bit receiving as a 10th wedding anniversary gift! Which is approximately one year from now. Just in case anyone is asking.

Anyway! To celebrate wedding season and GOJ’s amazing collection of nuptial rings, all three boutiques are hosting opening receptions today from 5 to 8pm with champagne, treats, and “MAJOR” gift bags for the first 50 guests (major in all caps coming straight from Ms. Joanna the official PR lady for GOJ). Each will host five of their 15 featured designers—below are the details on which designers will be at each location. Don’t worry, you can’t choose badly!

24th Street Gallery
4089 24th Street @ Castro
Artists: Dawes Design, Jessica Fields, Stephany Hitchcock, Alberian and Aulde, Rebecca Overmann

Fillmore Gallery
2115 Fillmore Street @ California
Anne Sportun, Steven Battelle, Ananda Khalsa, Sarah Richardson, Dahlia Kanner

Union Square Gallery
427 Post Street @ Powell
Sethi Couture, Just Jules, Megan Thorne, G.Phil Poirier, Emily Johnson

Also check out this PDF for descriptions of all the artists’ work. See you … somewhere! I can’t decide which one!

  • Corey_Egan

    I’m gushing over all these fantastic rings and cannot wait to see them in person! Thank you for sharing!

    • http://www.stylenik.com kp

      My pleasure, so glad you enjoyed!

  • joannariedl