How To Look Amazing But Like You Didn’t Try—Even if You Totally Did

Maybe she won't notice if I just wear this home?Photos by Molly DeCoudreaux

The first time I met Mira, I knew we’d be friends. Or I should say I really hoped we would. She had the Cat Power Pandora station playing in her Mission boutique, Mira Mira, and I wanted to buy every single thing she had chosen to sell in her lovely shop. Including all the jewelry in the cases and the art on the walls and anything else not nailed down.

I fell in love with a simple black silk blouse by Gat Rimon, a label I’d never seen before. It was that blouse you could wear with everything from a pair of torn up jeans to a fancy peplum skirt. But what made it unique and wonderful was the barely noticeable leather trim at the collar and single chest pocket. I told Mira that detailing was the clincher, I had to have it! “That’s undone done!” she said. I liked the sound of that and asked her to explain what she meant. And when she did, I realized it was a mantra I’d already been living with since the first time I purposely scuffed my too-bright white new tennis shoes as a kid. Now it had a name! (Read all about it in my interview with Mira below, and check out our photos from an Undone Done instructional session!)

I had an event to attend that evening and decided to wear my new blouse. I came out of the dressing room with the shirt half tucked in. “I kind of like it this way,” I said. “Yes!” Mira said. “Untucked tucked!” I’ve been a Mira Mira devotee ever since.

Stylenik: Can you define “Undone Done” for us?

Mira: Undone done is really all about a sort of way of dressing that looks effortless and easy. It’s about blending high and low designs together to make things look casual and relaxed. It’s unfussy makeup and hair, emphasizing your best features but in a subtle way. And it takes a little bit more effort than what it tries to look like. HA! 😉

Photos by Molly DeCoudreaux

Sn: When did you first come up with this concept?

Mira: It’s kind of a silly story. My friends and I used to go to these crazy campouts in Maine that were basically centered around skating and camping. I’ve always done a lot of camping all my life. Of course, skaters wake up and pretty much just shake their heads and go. So a bunch of us girls would sneak away to get “coffee” and spend some time hitting up the diner bathroom. We’d flat iron our bangs and tight line our eyes and maybe add a bit of lipstain and basically just head back to the campsite like we’d just woken up. I think that’s when the phrase was actually coined but I think I’ve probably applied this to the way I’ve dressed for most of my life.

Sn: What do you think is so attractive about the undone done look as opposed to the majorly done up, every hair in place look?

Mira: It’s livable! We’re busy ladies with crazy schedules who need to ride our bikes and dash around town, going from day to night. And I want to be able to walk the street with a fresh, naked face and not feel like people won’t recognize me. But I do have uber amounts of respect for women that do get up early dawn to really put themselves together… I’m in awe with the Japanese women that spend hours each morning getting ready before a long commute. But for me, I think this philosophy was probably created out of sheer laziness but also a requirement that at work I had to at least look a bit put together.

Sn: What type of woman do you find embraces the look?

Mira: The other day, Tara and I tried to figure out who is the Mira Mira girl. And seriously, we have no clue, she’s so many different ladies. I think that’s what works about undone done. It’s really for anyone who’s on the go but wants to look great and put together, but without spending too much time or effort looking like they’ve tried too hard to put it all together.

Sn: How does the undone done concept play out when it comes to the designers and pieces you carry in your shop?

Mira: I really notice that I gravitate towards jerseys and silks that are effortlessly blended together. I really love subtle details that require a second look. I’m obsessed with soft fabrics that sort of graze a women’s body because there is an effortless feel to this. I think that most of my choices are pretty much dictated by the way the fabric feels and drapes in a casual but dressy sort of way. And I think flexible pieces like this are especially great because they work both day and night.

You can experience Mira Mira’s undone done mystique first hand at 3292 22nd Street (at Valencia);;