Join the Flower Crown Brigade: Non-Hippies Welcome!

Kiersten Stevens and a friend rock their flower crowns like pros.

Image courtesy of Kiersten Stevens.

Wearing a crown of flowers in your hair is by no means just for weddings or hippie festivals anymore. All you flower children out there have perhaps already embraced the floral crown, but the subtle and on-trend designs available of late make these hair accessories accessible to the less boho among us as well! I can’t get enough of the flower head wreath accessories, and neither can celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Kirsten Dunst, who have been spotted out and about in¬†Cult Gaia and Dolce & Gabbana floral headbands everywhere from Coachella to the red carpet.

Etsy sellers including Kitten Paws Vintage and Mignonne Handmade also create pretty head wreaths that go beyond bridal. Or for the ambitious/crafty among us (and those of you who prefer live flowers), check out my Daughters of Simone DIY blog post to find out how to make one yourself! Whether you’re a die-hard boho-girl who wants to fully channel her inner Frida Kahlo, or a prepster who’s dabbling in floral headwear, there is a flower crown out there that will look lovely on your head.

  • Kristen

    Cult Gaia crowns are the best!!