Social Shopping Site Sneakpeeq Now Has an iPad App, and a Million Plus Users

The Sneakpeeq folks have been busy: in the past year they’ve reinvented their social shopping site, and now, gearing up for holiday season, they’ve launched an addictive iPad app.

Sneakpeeq is a flash sale site (and now an app) that offers social incentives as well as interesting indie brands you may not have heard of. For example, the more time I spend shopping for KC Malhan clutches, a brand I was previously unfamiliar wth (I’m coveting the Madame X model), the more points I get, and the higher I climb on the KC Malhan leader board. The top three shoppers in each boutique win a prize. Yay for prizes!

When I first tried Sneakpeeq last year, the model was something a long the lines of: “the more you click the lower the price gets.” Now the company is focusing on making shopping into a bit of a game, which is for sure an improvement. In its previous iteration I had the feeling that if I simply clicked enough, an item might eventually become zero dollars. That never happened, of course! It still feels a bit mysterious, but in a fun, not arbitrary, way. New users also get a special store to shop in and newbie discounts.

The company’s head of merchandising, Judy Zhu, hails from beauty behemoth Sephora and is excited about Sneakpeeq’s beauty offerings. “No one has really figured out how to do beauty in a fun way,” Zhu told me in a phone interview. She plans to change that by offering gifts with purchase—who does not love a free gift with purchase?—and other fun surprises coming up for the holidays.

It’s all, of course, another way to get you to spend money. And everyone knows that whoever makes it the most fun to spend, wins! Sneakpeeq seems to be well on its way, with more than a million users signed up so far.