I’ll Be Here All Week (on eBay)

ebayIf  you’ve been to eBay’s Women’s Clothing section this week, you might recognize someone. Yes, that is yours truly. How did this happen? Well, it all started with the lovely Mira (of Mira Mira), who introduced me to Heidi, who happens to be the director at eBay Fashion. We became fast friends, she gave me some really cute hand-me-downs for Ms. Frida, and she asked me to “model” for the site. It was a super-fun day: they did my hair and makeup and gave me a major wardrobe. I guess this is the kind of thing actual models get tired of? Personally, I could like seriously get used to it. If I could get ready like that every day, I think life would be pretty close to perfect.

  • Robyn Ross

    Gorgeous!! What a style maven.