Style: It Changes and It Doesn’t

Sometimes I think my style has really evolved since my ratty jeans and T-shirts days when I was in my 20s. And then I take a look at myself and realize that’s what I wear most of the time these days too. My look might (hopefully!) be more refined now. But when I look at this photo, I feel not that much different (style-wise—let’s hope intellectually and emotionally I’m way different!) from that young girl on a road trip to Las Vegas for a Grateful Dead show. Plus, I have basically the same hair, although, truth be told, I had a spiral perm back then. Yep.

That was my FAVORITE T-shirt and I wish badly that I still had it. It was an ex-boyfriend’s from the R.E.M. “Work Tour 1987” and it was already disintegrating. I think I had to put it (and my mother, she did not like me in shredded clothing one bit) out of their misery sometime in the mid-’90s. Tragic. The photographer was my partner in crime, Robyn, and the dog butt belonged to her beautiful husky, Niki.

Also, this photo is au naturel—no filters. It was taken with film, Robyn developed it herself in the darkroom, wrote on it, and later we scanned it.

How ’bout you? Has your style changed over the years or stayed the same?

  • Robyn

    I love this so much. You still look the same but prettier than ever. <3

    • kp

      Thank you my partner in crime… and I could say the same back to you! xx