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apartment therapy

Nothing will motivate you to whip your house into shape like an impending visit from Apartment Therapy. I was a maniac and probably evil to my poor husband during the two weeks leading up to the day the lovely Theresa Gonzalez visited our Pacifica home. But look how happy we are now that it’s all finished! I managed to arrange the baby’s crazy room with the closet sticking out of the middle and the child-size waterbed left behind by the landlords. I cleaned up my closet and got my shoes in order. Got most of the clutter put away! Our retro-in-a-bad-way kitchen even looked half decent. But there was nothing I could do about our wall-to-wall  shag carpet, and Apartment Therapy readers had very visceral reactions to it. I understand, so did I. But the view, more than doubling our space for less rent than we were paying in the city, and the awesome fireplace trumped the sea of shag. And actually, we’re super thankful for it now with a toddler.

Anyway, it’s awesome to see our house photographed so beautifully by Theresa. And thank goodness this happened or Frida may never have had a room!

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I loved your spread on AT. I just wanted to come by and check out your blog. Thanks for being another scientific fashionista!

    • http://www.stylenik.com kp

      Thank you so much and thanks for visiting my blog! Just checked out yours too, it’s great! Scientific fashionistas unite!

  • LeeLee

    Beautiful home. Loved all of the decor. :)

    • http://www.stylenik.com kp

      Thank you @disqus_1ZxVuL51Y8:disqus!