A Room of the Little Munchkin’s Own

fridas room 12

All photos via Apartment Therapy

I wrote a little while back about my bedroom dilemma. Frida, our 18 month old, was still sleeping in our room with us. She had graduated from our bed to the crib, but she was waking up fairly often in the middle of the night and ending up in our bed. Plus, we were thinking maybe it was time for some privacy for all of us? Still, I was resistant, because I love cuddling with her any chance I get.

fridas room 11

Well, the kick in the pants we needed to make our move was a visit from Apartment Therapy. I wanted to do up the baby’s room, and  the crib was part of the decor. So we carried it downstairs. And after a week of obsessive cleaning and getting the house in order, no one felt like carrying it back up. So we tried it out: we put her to sleep in her crib downstairs in her room, and she slept almost 12 hours straight without a peep. It was miraculous.

The second night, she woke up at around 2am and ended up in our bed. That was three weeks ago and it hasn’t happened since. She sleeps all night and wakes up happy, pointing to her toys, eager to get up and play—usually at around 7, whereas before it was more like 6 or 6:30. Her room is darker and warmer than ours, and we’re not tossing and turning or coming to bed at 11pm disturbing her, so I guess it makes sense! And she seems to like having a space of her own. 

fridas room 10

Oh, and of course we have a monitor. My parents bought us a Dropcam for Christmas and it’s amazing.  We can see and hear everything from our iPhones or iPad. We don’t even have to be home. Next week we have a babysitter coming so we can go to a dinner party. I’m super excited, by the way. to go out for something other than work, with my husband, without having to chase around a toddler, for the… maybe second time in the past 1/5 years. I love that girl to pieces but adult time in necessary! Still, I know it will take some serious will to not check that thing constantly throughout the evening.

Anyway, just thought I’d let y’all know that we pulled the trigger, and everyone survived. We’re actually all thriving even more now. Check out the photos for how I wrangled her crazy two-in-one bedroom and what our bedroom looks like sans child and crib. And check out the full Apartment Therarpy post here. Oh, she’s growing up so fast!!fridas room 8 fridas room 7 fridas room 6 Frida's room 5 Frida's room 4 Frida's room 2 frida's room 1 bedroom 3 apt therapy bedroom 2 apartment therapy bedroom apt therapy




  • khz

    so good!!! love all of the little words on the walls! diego and i cant wait to visit and play! -KHZ

    • http://www.stylenik.com kp

      THX KHZ!! Yes Frida and Diego need a play date soon!! xx

  • Miroslava de la O

    Such a sweet space! And trust me I have been there, it’s hard to let them go! But once we made the move we also found that it was mostly us that were hesitant because our little girl also slept all night long from the first night. She does come in once in a while in the morning to our bed, but she enjoys having her own space. Frida is so cute! And yay for adult time :)

    • http://www.stylenik.com kp

      Thank you! How old is your little girl? Funny how they’re like, hey mom I’m cool! And we’re the ones worrying! :) xx

      • Miroslava de la O

        Mine will be three in May (ahh!) And yes, we will always be the ones worrying I think… :)