The Podolls + Faux Leather

The Podolls tunic, similar here, faux leather matte leggings, similar here; Dieppo Restreppo purple suede booties, similar here; gold necklace, vintage, similar here

What you see before you is one of the most comfortable outfits ever. A loose tunic over leggings with booties featuring heels of a manageable height is about as good as it gets unless you’re in your PJs.

Also I just have to get this off my chest: I don’t love doing outfit posts. But sometimes I’m compelled to do them anyway because I’m psyched about my outfit. And I wanted to write about this outfit in particular because just last week I had a conversation with Aubrie, a photographer with whom I’m lucky enough to work with on posts for Racked SF, about wearing clothes that leave room to breathe. Her observation was that there’s a certain confidence inherent in wearing something like the above, because the wearer appears to have a certain nonchalance. When I was in my 20s I  wore exclusively skin tight clothing (I can’t help but recall a certain plaid bodysuit) because I worried that otherwise, people would think I was fat. Now I’m like whatever. Quality and fun (or at least a lack of pain) are what I’m after. Not that I’m all super confident and never worry about how flattering my outfit is. But I do that LESS.

The picture on the floor, by the way, my parents were nice enough to mail to me all the way from Pennsylvania. It hung in my grandmother’s “parlor,” as she called it, my entire life. She passed away two years ago, and when my grandfather also passed one year ago, my dad put the house up for sale. He held onto this for me because he knew I loved it. I was very pleasantly surprised to receive it in the mail last week. Now to find a place for it!

  • Miroslava de la O

    Cute outfit! Oh and I love love your ombre color

    • kp

      Thank you!

  • Robyn

    sweet post and you look gorgeous as usual

    • kp

      Thx honey miss you. xx