A Couch at the Dining Table

dining with couch

I’m currently obsessed with finding the perfect couch to pair with our dining table. I’m dreaming of it doubling as a place to hang out and read during the day (even though that may not happen until Frida graduates from toddler-hood), and seating for guests at the table when we have dinner parties. And I found plenty of inspiration online to fuel my obsession. What do you think? Kind of a great way to do a dining table, no?



home adore

where the sidewalk begins

Planet Deco





be mine

house beautiful

love letters to home


Photos, top to bottom: DecorPad, Home Adore, Where the Sidewalk Begins, Planet Deco, Pinterest, BoligPluss, Matchbook Mag, Photo via Lonny, Be Mine Interior Design, House Beautiful, Love Letters to Home, Mippu.

  • robyn

    it’s all about the pillows, babe!

    • http://www.stylenik.com kp


  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I like the idea of the couch (Ikea has a good one for this) but I’d also think you might like a banquette. Have you seen the ones at World Market? They also have a cute Indonesian day bed that might work out for the same type of thing and double as sleeping arrangements for guests!

    • http://www.stylenik.com kp

      Great idea, thanks! I’ll check them out! I’m a big fan of daybeds.