10 Things Normal People Don’t Understand About Your Outfit

Photo via The Potato

Photo via The Potato

Face it: not everyone is as obsessed with fashion as you are. And even those who are may not have gotten the memo that Tevas are suddenly chic. So just know that sometimes people will be not quite grasping the following:

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Photo via Mill
1. That you paid $338 for those sweatpants.

sparkly necklace
Photo via FaceThis
2. Why you’re wearing that large, sparkly necklace during the day.

Photo via Pinterest
3. Why you’ve let your roots grow out for so damn long.

Photo via The Zoe Report
4. How you can claim to be fashionable, yet you’re wearing Birkenstocks.

FashionTevas_stylenikPhoto via Fashionista
5. How you can claim to be fashionable, yet you’re wearing Tevas.

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Photo via Madewell
6. That your shirt is halfway untucked on purpose.

sweatshirt style
Photo via Paperblog
7. What you’re thinking wearing a sweatshirt with a fancy skirt.

jumpsuits style
Photo via Omiru, from 2008!
8. The fact that your outfit resembles a mechanic’s is not by accident.

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Photo via HonestlyWTF
9. That the Canadian tuxedo is actually chic. No, really.

socks sandals
Photo via Boutiika via Racked SF
10. Socks with sandals. Seriously?

  • Jennine Jacob

    omg… i’m wearing my shirt half untucked right now. eeeeeek!

  • http://sandywarhol.com Sandy

    Hahaha! love this– Strangely getting the most wear out of my Mephistos (look like birkenstocks) over other shoes since it’s been so HOT in SF!

  • Faye

    This is so to the point! Most of These are my husband’s questions as well. I just got my first pair of Birkenstocks – and I live in Germany, too!