About KP

Screen Shot 2013 06 29 at 4.22.56 PM About KP

I was born in rural Pennsylvania, and three months later I was adopted by a wonderful woman named Phyllis. When I was 7, I asked Santa for a dad. That Christmas, my mom’s boyfriend, Richard, proposed. And he is such a cool guy that he then adopted me. I lived in the same house from the time I was adopted until I went away to college. After college, I postponed real life for a couple of years in Boulder, Colorado (a great place to do that btw). Then I moved to San Francisco, where I continued to do more of the same until the generous research editor at Parenting magazine agreed to employ me. So began my illustrious fact-checking career, which spanned Health and Wired magazines as well. I eventually began writing for these publications and others, and then one day I became a staff reporter at Wired.com. Several years later, I was promoted to science editor. After 10+ years at Wired I left, became a Pilates instructor, launched this blog, and did lots of freelance writing. Most recently I was the San Francisco editor at Racked, a blog about fashion and retail. Also, in 2012, the most wonderful thing happened: My husband and I adopted a baby girl and named her Frida.

Some other quick work-history stats:

In 2011-2012 I was contributing science editor at Gizmodo, which was extremely fun. I wrote about miracle cancer curesevil shark fin soupFrench presses, and lots more.

At Wired I wrote about the athleticism of race car driversHeath Ledger’s overdoseIggy Poplimb regenerationcloning, stem cell research, and lots more.

At BoingBoing I’ve written about duplicity, art, fashion and design.

At TheBoldItalic.com I’ve written about taking a week straight of dance classes, shopping and style bloggers.

I was the San Francisco editor for Haute Living where I wrote about Silicon Valley’s most adventurous capitalistsSilicon Valley’s women on topSan Francisco’s top chefs, and Chanel’s new San Francisco store.

I’ve also written for San Francisco magazine, and 7×7.

Email me at kp at stylenik dot com!