The Sadness of Learning Not Everyone Loves Your Child

IMG 0645 The Sadness of Learning Not Everyone Loves Your Child

Who would not want to dine with this child?

We visited Monterey earlier this week, and we think that town might hate children.

It was our last stop on a drive up the coast from the Los Angeles area. We checked into our hotel and my husband got online immediately, as per always. When he checked his email he got some excellent news that made us want to go out to dinner to celebrate. It was 5:30—just about right for a celebratory dinner with a two-year-old and the retirees of the area. So he Yelped “family friendly restaurant,” and came up with the Old Fisherman’s Grotto. It was on Fisherman’s Wharf and sure to be a tourist trap. But even if the food was marginal, we figured it would be fun to let Frida run around the wharf and see the boats and sea lions. The first thing we saw when we arrived at Old Fisherman’s Grotto was a big red sign that said something like: “No Strollers, No High Chairs, No Booster Seats, we hate children.” Something like that—check out the actual hideous thing below.
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Mara Hoffman + Freda Salvador Is a Match in NYFW Heaven

I always love it when friends from disparate parts of my life get along. So I was beyond thrilled to see this match-in-heaven happen at New York fashion week: Mara Hoffman showed her Spring/Summer 2015 collection with San Francisco-based shoe brand (and a major favorite of mine) Freda Salvador.

The Mara Hoffman collection looks 100% to-die-for, and it couldn’t be more perfect with the Fredas. Here’s further proof:

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How Style Bloggers Are Like Frida Kahlo

I just spent nearly an hour trying to orchestrate the perfect selfie, with right the light, framing, posing, etc. Partly it took so long because I have a horribly slow iPhone 4. Partly it’s because I’m obsessed with myself.

Frida Kahlo 2 How Style Bloggers Are Like Frida Kahlo

One thing my mother would say about this behavior: “Oh doesn’t she think she’s special?” “Oh for goodness sake,” is another. And I get that it all seems terribly vain. But there’s more than narcissism at work here—it’s also curiosity. What is my place in the world and how does my human form fit into it? I mean don’t we all wonder these things? Some people just wonder to themselves. Others wonder to the whole world.
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What To Pack in Your Carry-On for Fashion Week so You Won’t Have to Check a Bag

One of my goals in life is to never check a bag at the airport ever again. With a toddler in tow, this may be impossible. But on occasions like New York fashion week when I’m solo and confused about what to do with my hands (why is there not a small person yanking on my arm?), the carry-on is a work of art that I’m continually perfecting.
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On the 1 With Frida: Lemos Farm

Welcome to On the 1 With Frida, where we explore all the fun CA Route 1 has to offer.

DSC01833 On the 1 With Frida: Lemos FarmNBD mom.

So one day you’re holding this helpless four-day old baby in your arms, and the next, she’s RIDING A HORSE. OK it’s a pony, and she is 2 years old now, but you guys how is she riding a horse pony all by herself? She let the dude at the pony ride take her from my arms and place her on an equine, with me on the other side of a fence, without so much as a whimper. And look at her. Nothing but happy.
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So I Was Kind of a Badass in My Twenties

the sweater So I Was Kind of a Badass in My Twenties
So that’s totally not true, but you wouldn’t know it from this photo of me, would you? I’m wearing The Sweater, which I discussed earlier this week. It’s circa summer 1990, and I was living in a house called Big Pine at Cape Cod with nine other girls. We called it BPCCMA. We were not old enough to drink, but as you can see we managed to procure more than our share of Budweiser. We favored Baja hoodies and the striped pajama-like pants Debbie’s wearing (I wish I still had those!). As you can see I participated in the bad habit of smoking cigarettes. I had another bad habit of borrowing my friends’ clothes without asking, but most of the time they didn’t mind. The Sweater was Susan’s, who’s on the right. Debbie and I probably wore it more than her. It looked too cool with cutoffs and a tan on a breezy beach night.
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A Man Cave in the Making and 20% off Custom Frames at Mountary

DSC018441 A Man Cave in the Making and  20% off Custom Frames at Mountary Don’t worry, Frida, it’s easy!

When Apartment Therapy shot our house back in February, I was worried about the man cave. I thought it might be left out of the shoot altogether because it had one starkly empty wall, and, truth be told, one queen-sized mattress leaning against another wall. But who can pass up a room with forest wallpaper? So the photographer masterfully shot around the room’s flaws.

We’ve since gotten rid of the mattress, but the wall is still empty. So when custom-framing company Mountary got in touch about a collaboration, it was the perfect chance to remedy that situation. A poster of old Paris I’d bought for my husband (the man cave dweller) six years ago in Paris was a good place to start. The poster survived a trip from Europe to San Francisco plus three moves (yes we moved three times in about as many years), so the sturdy map seems deserving of a nice frame.
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This Is What Happens When Veuve Clicquot Invites You to Dinner

0208 VeuveClicquot 140819 1024x682 This Is What Happens When Veuve Clicquot Invites You to Dinner

Last week, Veuve Clicquot hosted a dinner at Namu Gaji, a new-ish Korean restaurant in the Mission on Dolores. The food was amazing, and each dish was paired with a type of champagne, from vintage to rose. If you drink that much champagne and don’t feel hungover the next day, it’s clearly a testament to the quality of said champagne. It was such a fun night (despite my minor outfit regrets). I saw one of my oldest SF friends, Sarah Sung of Urban Daddy (above), new-ish (though it feels like we’ve known each other a long time!) friends Jeanne Chan of Shop Sweet Things, Angela Tafoya of Refinery 29, Anh of 9to5 Chic, and Chanda Stacker of Pancake Stacker, and made some brand new friends. I was seated next to Dana Eastland of Tablehopper (who coined “Veuve Marigold” as the champagne’s trademark yellow) and Darya Pino Rose of Summer Tomato, who recently published the book Foodist. I loved our conversation about food, dogs, raccoons and wedding dresses and hope to dine with them again soon. Here’s a peek at what went down. Cheers!
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Highlight and Contour Makeup Is Not as Fake-Looking as You Think

As I’ve mentioned, I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup. I like a natural look and I don’t have the time or patience to do much more. But who can look away when faced with one of these amazing makeup tutorial videos? This one made me think maybe I should rethink my minimal approach. I mean, I definitely won’t do this every day in this lifetime. But for photos or events, I kind of love how much it transforms her face without looking really makeup-y—despite the fact that the look is supposed to emulate Kim Kardashian. You can skip the last step completely (stop at 4:16) if you’re not interested in hyper-defined cheekbones.
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The New Fiat Lux Lookbook Is a Little Bit NSFW and a Lot Stunning

FiatLuxLook6 The New Fiat Lux Lookbook Is a Little Bit NSFW and a Lot Stunning
Photos by Aubrie Pick, illustration by Lauren Napolitano

Alexei Angelides and Marie McCarthy, the betrothed team behind San Francisco jewelry store Fiat Lux (218 Church Street, San Francisco), were the subjects of one of the first features I did as editor at Racked SF. We had previously collaborated on a post on this site, but didn’t meet in person until the day of the Racked shoot (shot by Aubrie Pick as was the lookbook which you see before you).
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