Cover Your Roots With This Powder That Doubles as a Dry Shampoo

root touch up Cover Your Roots With This Powder That Doubles as a Dry Shampoo

Madison Reed, the non-toxic, non-damaging option for hair color that I wrote about for 7×7 back in August, now has a new product for last minute root fixes called Root Touch Up ($30, available online-only). It’s a lightweight powder compact that comes in eight shades from platinum blond to jet black. It brushes on dry, blends in with your color, and stays put until your next shampoo. Awesomely, it serves as a dry shampoo too—it’s a fine, micro-milled powder so it absorbs oil, adds volume, and has a light, lovely fragrance that revives second- (or fifth-) day hair, so it’s extra great for dirty hippies like myself.

See before and after below:

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French Braids: When You Need to Get the Hair Out of Your Face

french braids111 French Braids: When You Need to Get the Hair Out of Your Face
Photo by Richard Philipkoski
My mom has been telling me to get my hair out of my face pretty much my whole life. When I was in second grade, my hair reached past my waist, and my mother hated combing it. She informed me that she’d tolerate it only until after her wedding that year, in which I would serve as “junior bridesmaid.” After that, I was going short whether I liked it or not. I cried in a corner of the playground during recess at the prospect.

At 8-years-old, my hair was already my security blanket.

Now, a few decades later, it’s still is. I almost never wear my hair up. Shrouded behind hair, my imperfections are less evident, or at least they feel that way from beneath the mane. So it was kind of a big deal for me to be out in the world with French-braided hair. But I knew even without my mom telling me that I needed to get it out of my face for travels from Pennsylvania back to San Francisco with a toddler. Having my head exposed to the general public may have been disconcerting had the extreme volume and energy of my child not dominated every last one of my senses.

But the experience got me thinking of all the hairstyles I sported during my school years post-shag: I had a Dorothy Hamill cut circa 4th grade. That grew into a “feathered” style up until 7th grade when my older cousin from New York taught me the magic of a curling iron. The tool transformed the flat feathers into barrel curls that I then brushed into two big wings, one on each side of my face, until they met at the back of my skull in a vertical line that resembled a butt crack.

Then came the mullet. We called it “ears cut out.” It felt very cool. The following year or so I let it grow in to a shoulder-length bob with bangs and a perm. In my senior year of high school, I had it all chopped into an extremely short-in-the-back style that was longer on the top. I swooped that long part onto one side and sprayed it stiff. In my first year of college, I let one side grow longer than the other for an asymmetrical hairdo. Eventually it grew longer, possibly because of limited access to my stylist and/or lack of funds. I let it grow super long and got my first spiral perm circa 1988. I’ve had nearly the same hair, minus the spiral perm, ever since.

What I’d like to know is: where did I get the confidence to chop off all of my hair my senior year of high school? I remember boys in my class looking at me with wonder asking “why?” “Because I like it!” I said. I didn’t feel one bit self conscious and I didn’t regret the cut for one second. I only wish I could have bottled that confidence so I could take a dose of it now!

snowy vertical edited Fotor Fotor Fotor French Braids: When You Need to Get the Hair Out of Your Face

I did enjoy the French braid for a change though. My hair didn’t get caught under my bag strap and Frida didn’t get food in it. I could also see when I searched for diapers and toys and tranquilizers (just kidding) in my carry-on.

I wore this particular outfit the day before our travels following a French braid test-run. The jeans are Gap, booties are c/o Freda Salvador, I bought the jacket at the Alameda Vintage Fashion Faire, and the turquoise earrings are from the Susquehanna Trading Post.

Acne + Wrinkles = the Joy of Skin in Your Forties

Sponsored post alert!

DSC02363 Acne + Wrinkles = the Joy of Skin in Your Forties

Restoring some balance

Photo by Jennine Jacob

Earlier this year I went public with my age. Not that I was lying about it or actively trying to keep it a secret, but I didn’t volunteer the information. I certainly didn’t have the year of my birth on my Facebook account, but now I do. Maybe it was getting fired or maybe it’s just getting older and more comfortable with myself, but I had an epiphany that I want to be as honest about who I am as possible. So now anyone who cares is welcome to the information that I am 46 years old. 
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Three Actually Easy Hairstyles for Dirty Hair

SST AB 4339 Three Actually Easy Hairstyles for Dirty Hair

Dirty hair, don’t care.

Photo by Ashley Batz

Historically, I’ve been obsessed with having clean hair. Not washing my hair daily as a teen spiked my angst, and my grooming obsession lasted well into my 30s. And OK really into my early 40s too. It took having a child and no time to deal with my mass of hair to learn that not washing it has many benefits: 1. You save time, obviously, especially when you have a lot of hair; 2. You save money on products; 3. Your hair can actually look better on the third (or sixth) day after washing it.
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Miracle Beauty Product of the Week: M.A.C. Haute and Naughty Mascara

haute naughty mascara Miracle Beauty Product of the Week: M.A.C. Haute and Naughty Mascara

I received M.A.C.’s Haute and Naughty mascara gratis (usually $22) at a dinner celebrating the grand opening of a new MAC cosmetics flagship in San Francisco’s Union Square. Truth be told I haven’t bought mascara in about five years because I get so many samples and freebies (I’m not complaining). So I set it aside until I needed one. Admittedly because if it’s impressive packaging, it rose to the top of my pile. For the first two weeks I used it, I had no idea there were to applicators, because I don’t read instructions. When I figured that part out, I was excited! Still, I had no idea what I was supposed to do with each one, so I used the fat brush first, and then the sparser one. The results were dramatic and wonderful (see them after the jump!)
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Can Tiny Needles Deliver Improved Skin? A Review of MicroPenning at SkinSpirit

micropen Can Tiny Needles Deliver Improved Skin? A Review of MicroPenning at SkinSpirit

I try to be OK with my age and the changes that come along with getting older. But sometimes when I look in the mirror I think: “WHAT is that? Let’s see what we can do about that.” And then I search Google until I find ways to remove the offense. Think it won’t happen to you? I totally thought that too. Before the things started happening.
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Learn How To Keep Your Cool After Becoming a Mom

 Learn How To Keep Your Cool After Becoming a Mom

If you’re expecting, or trying to adopt, even if you’ve been trying really hard to be a mom for years like I did, you might have all kinds of fears about what life is going to be like after your little person arrives. I certainly did, and I would’ve loved something like Lovemade, an events series created by my friends Jeanne Chan of ShopSweetThings and Janette Crawford of Sun + Dotter and Homepolish.

Their goal is to reassure you that you will not lose your cool, your edginess, your character, or any of the other awesome stuff that makes you you, just because you’re a mom. Their first workshop is on Saturday, where expecting moms will learn about nursery design, maternity and baby fashion, breastfeeding, get a makeup tutorial with Bare Minerals artists, get baby bump photos with Sarah Hebenstreit of Modern Kids, plus listen to a panel about work-life balance with Katie Hintz-Zambrano, founder of Mother magazine, Erica Chan Coffman of Honestlywtf and Liz Stanley of Say Yes.

The workshop costs $375 (sign up here), and includes a SWEET gift bag stuffed with goodies from International Orange spa, Freshly Picked baby moccasins (which make me want to have another infant immediately), The Honest Company diapers, bibs, bottles and lots more. Space is limited to 15, so sign up quick!

Don’t Let Them Do That to You

Jane magazine had a column called Don’t Let Them Do That to You. One of the things Jane said not to let them do was cut your cuticles. I never let them do that anymore. I’m borrowing the title here to tell a story I’ve been wanting to tell for five years.

thermage photos Dont Let Them Do That to You

In 2009, my husband and I planned a big trip to Paris and the South of France. I was EXCITED. Obsessing over what to pack for an entire month in France robbed me of sleep. How to not bring/wear a ton of makeup without looking like a haggard tourist also dominated my thoughts. So it was perfect timing when a company that makes a radio frequency anti-aging device offered a free treatment so I could write about it for a luxury magazine I was working with at the time. Maybe I could have that no-makeup look and actually not be wearing any makeup.

I met the PR director at a dermatologist’s office in San Francisco. He also invited a woman who’d undergone the skin-tightening procedure and sang it’s praises. She was in her 40s and looked like she was in her 30s. She told me the treatment, which costs around $3,000, involved very little pain—it was so painless, in fact, that she could have fallen asleep during the procedure. The result was a lifted, more youthful face. If money were no object, she’d do it again in a heartbeat, she said. It would be free for me so, you know, twist my arm. It did occur to me that 1. She may have been paid by the company to say nice things about the procedure (or at least have gotten free treatments) and 2. God knows what else she had done to her face to look so young. But I accepted those unknowns and took the freebie.
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Highlight and Contour Makeup Is Not as Fake-Looking as You Think

As I’ve mentioned, I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup. I like a natural look and I don’t have the time or patience to do much more. But who can look away when faced with one of these amazing makeup tutorial videos? This one made me think maybe I should rethink my minimal approach. I mean, I definitely won’t do this every day in this lifetime. But for photos or events, I kind of love how much it transforms her face without looking really makeup-y—despite the fact that the look is supposed to emulate Kim Kardashian. You can skip the last step completely (stop at 4:16) if you’re not interested in hyper-defined cheekbones.
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Five Essentials for Getting a No-Makeup Makeup Look

I promise I’m wearing makeup. Frida’s glow is 100% natural.

I was once walking through Neiman Marcus, heading out of the store, late as usual to get somewhere as I passed through the beauty department. A woman from one of the brands lunged at me and exclaimed: “No makeup! Let’s do your face!” In my mind I said: “I’ll have you know I spent a good 10 minutes applying this makeup.” But I just told her sorry, I’m in a rush. But I was offended that my beauty efforts were apparently not apparent. Then I realized it was a compliment, because looking like I’m not wearing makeup is my goal. There are those special events when I want a little something special, like winged eyeliner or a bold lip. But on a day-to-day basis, I’m all about the natural look.

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with the no-makeup makeup look, and it’s super easy (as it should be) to achieve. Here are my five essentials for looking like I’m not wearing any makeup. I mean you obviously could just not wear any makeup, but for me that would mean invisibly small eyes and sun damage spots and god knows what else. Also a note: I’ve always had oily skin so I tend to go for powder makeup (I know everyone says its good and ok to use moisturizing makeup on oily skin but I’m 46 and averse to change), but you could easily make substitutions if you’re more of a liquid/cream makeup kinda gal. Check out my essentials below!
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