Tiny Needles That Deliver Improved Skin: a Review of the Eclipse MicroPen Anti-Aging Treatment at SkinSpirit

micropen Tiny Needles That Deliver Improved Skin: a Review of the Eclipse MicroPen Anti Aging Treatment at SkinSpirit

I try to be OK with my age and the changes that come along with getting older. But sometimes when I look in the mirror I think: “WHAT is that? Let’s see what we can do about that.” And then I search Google until I find ways to remove the offense. Think it won’t happen to you? I totally thought that too. Before the things started happening.
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Learn How To Keep Your Cool After Becoming a Mom

 Learn How To Keep Your Cool After Becoming a Mom

If you’re expecting, or trying to adopt, even if you’ve been trying really hard to be a mom for years like I did, you might have all kinds of fears about what life is going to be like after your little person arrives. I certainly did, and I would’ve loved something like Lovemade, an events series created by my friends Jeanne Chan of ShopSweetThings and Janette Crawford of Sun + Dotter and Homepolish.

Their goal is to reassure you that you will not lose your cool, your edginess, your character, or any of the other awesome stuff that makes you you, just because you’re a mom. Their first workshop is on Saturday, where expecting moms will learn about nursery design, maternity and baby fashion, breastfeeding, get a makeup tutorial with Bare Minerals artists, get baby bump photos with Sarah Hebenstreit of Modern Kids, plus listen to a panel about work-life balance with Katie Hintz-Zambrano, founder of Mother magazine, Erica Chan Coffman of Honestlywtf and Liz Stanley of Say Yes.

The workshop costs $375 (sign up here), and includes a SWEET gift bag stuffed with goodies from International Orange spa, Freshly Picked baby moccasins (which make me want to have another infant immediately), The Honest Company diapers, bibs, bottles and lots more. Space is limited to 15, so sign up quick!

Don’t Let Them Do That to You

Jane magazine had a column called Don’t Let Them Do That to You. One of the things Jane said not to let them do was cut your cuticles. I never let them do that anymore. I’m borrowing the title here to tell a story I’ve been wanting to tell for five years.

thermage photos Dont Let Them Do That to You

In 2009, my husband and I planned a big trip to Paris and the South of France. I was EXCITED. Obsessing over what to pack for an entire month in France robbed me of sleep. How to not bring/wear a ton of makeup without looking like a haggard tourist also dominated my thoughts. So it was perfect timing when a company that makes a radio frequency anti-aging device offered a free treatment so I could write about it for a luxury magazine I was working with at the time. Maybe I could have that no-makeup look and actually not be wearing any makeup.

I met the PR director at a dermatologist’s office in San Francisco. He also invited a woman who’d undergone the skin-tightening procedure and sang it’s praises. She was in her 40s and looked like she was in her 30s. She told me the treatment, which costs around $3,000, involved very little pain—it was so painless, in fact, that she could have fallen asleep during the procedure. The result was a lifted, more youthful face. If money were no object, she’d do it again in a heartbeat, she said. It would be free for me so, you know, twist my arm. It did occur to me that 1. She may have been paid by the company to say nice things about the procedure (or at least have gotten free treatments) and 2. God knows what else she had done to her face to look so young. But I accepted those unknowns and took the freebie.
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Highlight and Contour Makeup Is Not as Fake-Looking as You Think

As I’ve mentioned, I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup. I like a natural look and I don’t have the time or patience to do much more. But who can look away when faced with one of these amazing makeup tutorial videos? This one made me think maybe I should rethink my minimal approach. I mean, I definitely won’t do this every day in this lifetime. But for photos or events, I kind of love how much it transforms her face without looking really makeup-y—despite the fact that the look is supposed to emulate Kim Kardashian. You can skip the last step completely (stop at 4:16) if you’re not interested in hyper-defined cheekbones.
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Five Essentials for Getting a No-Makeup Makeup Look

I promise I’m wearing makeup. Frida’s glow is 100% natural.

I was once walking through Neiman Marcus, heading out of the store, late as usual to get somewhere as I passed through the beauty department. A woman from one of the brands lunged at me and exclaimed: “No makeup! Let’s do your face!” In my mind I said: “I’ll have you know I spent a good 10 minutes applying this makeup.” But I just told her sorry, I’m in a rush. But I was offended that my beauty efforts were apparently not apparent. Then I realized it was a compliment, because looking like I’m not wearing makeup is my goal. There are those special events when I want a little something special, like winged eyeliner or a bold lip. But on a day-to-day basis, I’m all about the natural look.

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with the no-makeup makeup look, and it’s super easy (as it should be) to achieve. Here are my five essentials for looking like I’m not wearing any makeup. I mean you obviously could just not wear any makeup, but for me that would mean invisibly small eyes and sun damage spots and god knows what else. Also a note: I’ve always had oily skin so I tend to go for powder makeup (I know everyone says its good and ok to use moisturizing makeup on oily skin but I’m 46 and averse to change), but you could easily make substitutions if you’re more of a liquid/cream makeup kinda gal. Check out my essentials below!
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Getting Fired, Growing Older: Gifts That Keep on Giving

DSC01702 Getting Fired, Growing Older: Gifts That Keep on Giving

When you write a blog post about how you got fired, then get tons of supportive and kind comments from friends, colleagues, former colleagues and family members, it will feel super cathartic. You’ll feel a bit euphoric for a while. You might even say to yourself: “Man! I’m psyched I got fired!” You might get some employment offers—you did not see that coming.

And then one day you’ll walk into a press-only area at a huge music festival in your city, whereupon a former colleague will exclaim: “How’d you get in?” Other members of the press will look askance (You’ll find out later she sincerely meant no malice. She can’t help it if getting canned has made you a crazy-sensitive person.).
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What if This Chocolate Peanut Butter Madness Were an Outfit?

Screen Shot 2014 08 13 at 7.52.45 PM What if This Chocolate Peanut Butter Madness Were an Outfit?

IMG 4352 e1407988103948 What if This Chocolate Peanut Butter Madness Were an Outfit? Are you familiar with Chocolands at the Outside Lands Music Festival? It’s exactly what it sounds like: a land filled with chocolate, and decorated with chocolate-dipped strawberry skull lanterns hanging from the trees. It’s a delightful place. We went for the Sharona’s chocolate covered brownie, and the handmade peanut butter cup and omg we didn’t regret it. I ate half of the brownie, stashed the rest in my bag, and was SUPER excited to munch on that on the long shuttle ride home. And so I got to thinking, what if this deliciousness were an outfit? The above is what came to mind, and I kind of want everything, especially that Rachel Pally dress. Shop the look below!

Fiat Lux Gold Cuts rings, $55, for all other items shop below!

Check out my other Outside Lands posts about street style, old school find my friends techniques, what to wear, and how to get the most out of the festival.

How To Be a Dirty Hippie Without Smelling Like One

camp collection tee How To Be a Dirty Hippie Without Smelling Like OnePhoto via Camp Collection

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent the weekend in the Russian River Valley at my friends’ new place. One thing I didn’t mention is that they’re working on the bathroom, so we couldn’t shower. Personally that’s perfectly fine with me, but I do prefer to not offend others if possible. And since I recently stopped using traditional deodorant (because of that thing where you can’t even scrub that stuff off in the shower??), it was a bit of a challenge. Turned out I had plenty of products on hand to stay relatively stink-free. So whether your camping, temporarily shower-less, or just lazy, here are some products that will prevent you from becoming friendless.
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So I Just Put My Age on Facebook

kristen xmas 74 So I Just Put My Age on Facebook

I was 6 in 1974.

I’m 46. That might be even scarier to say than “I got fired.”

We all know age is often a closely guarded secret by women. “How old are you?” is considered to be a very rude question indeed. Why? Because America hates old people.

Just kidding. I don’t know why it’s so terrible to admit you’re past 30 or 40 or whatever. Even some of the strongest women in history (Frida Kahlo, for example) lied about their age. Is it just too awful to go public about losing your ability to reproduce? To realize we’ll never experience young love again? To face that our career is not where we’d like it to be and time is running out? Whoa, hopefully that’s just me because that shit is depressing.

BUT. I was at a blogger event last night, where Miss Savvy in San Fran (AKA Melissa) told me she’d just celebrated her 40th birthday, to which I responded: “Oh, the 40s have been the best decade of my life!” And it’s totally true. Partly because a lot of awesome things happened (adopting a baby, moving to the beach, strengthening my marriage). But also because I’m comfortable in my own skin for the first time ever.

Yes I wish I’d felt this OK with who I am at 25, but it’s been a long road. Here’s one thing that happened:
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So I Got Fired Yesterday

Yep, I got canned. It’s kind of the worst feeling, and it’s embarrassing, and my first instinct was to not let anyone ever know this really humiliating thing happened to me. In fact, I fibbed to one of my closest friends yesterday when I told her I couldn’t make it to the girl’s night out we’d planned because I’d “quit” my job and was upset about it (really sorry, Shadin).

Then I talked to my husband, who also got fired last year. He decided then not to take his employer’s offer to say it was a mutual agreement, not really a firing. I asked him why he would not take that opportunity to save face, and he said because it’s liberating to tell the truth. The job wasn’t right for him, and he got fired, why sugarcoat it? That got me thinking about my own hesitation to admit the truth of my shitcanning.

Then we picked up our daughter from daycare. As I waited for her caretaker to open the door, I was overwhelmed by the feeling that what’s on the other side of that door is what’s most important. Then it opened, and she gave me that smile and ran to me like I was the the most awesome person on earth.

I see quotes about how failure is good and necessary all over social media every day.

Here’s a great one from Maya Angelou:

“Courage allows the successful woman to fail-
and learn powerful lessons-
from the failure-
so that in the end,
she didn’t fail at all.”

Various outlets publish tons of lists of quotes on failure every year—but hardly anyone talks about their actual failures (Here’s one exception).

While reading the quotes makes me feel not as terrible, facing what’s real feels even less terrible. I want to live up to that awesome-person status, which would seem to require being an honest person. I got fired yesterday, y’all. I did some good writing at that job and I’m proud of my work. In the end it wasn’t enough, and it’s time to move on. So here’s to what’s next… omg what is next? I’ll try to figure that out over the weekend. Check back Monday, won’t you?