This Is What Happens When Veuve Clicquot Invites You to Dinner

0208 VeuveClicquot 140819 1024x682 This Is What Happens When Veuve Clicquot Invites You to Dinner

Last week, Veuve Clicquot hosted a dinner at Namu Gaji, a new-ish Korean restaurant in the Mission on Dolores. The food was amazing, and each dish was paired with a type of champagne, from vintage to rose. If you drink that much champagne and don’t feel hungover the next day, it’s clearly a testament to the quality of said champagne. It was such a fun night (despite my minor outfit regrets). I saw one of my oldest SF friends, Sarah Sung of Urban Daddy (above), new-ish (though it feels like we’ve known each other a long time!) friends Jeanne Chan of Shop Sweet Things, Angela Tafoya of Refinery 29, Anh of 9to5 Chic, and Chanda Stacker of Pancake Stacker, and made some brand new friends. I was seated next to Dana Eastland of Tablehopper (who coined “Veuve Marigold” as the champagne’s trademark yellow) and Darya Pino Rose of Summer Tomato, who recently published the book Foodist. I loved our conversation about food, dogs, raccoons and wedding dresses and hope to dine with them again soon. Here’s a peek at what went down. Cheers!
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Highlight and Contour Makeup Is Not as Fake-Looking as You Think

As I’ve mentioned, I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup. I like a natural look and I don’t have the time or patience to do much more. But who can look away when faced with one of these amazing makeup tutorial videos? This one made me think maybe I should rethink my minimal approach. I mean, I definitely won’t do this every day in this lifetime. But for photos or events, I kind of love how much it transforms her face without looking really makeup-y—despite the fact that the look is supposed to emulate Kim Kardashian. You can skip the last step completely (stop at 4:16) if you’re not interested in hyper-defined cheekbones.
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A Fast and Furious Denim Affair

DSC01762 A Fast and Furious Denim Affair
I haven’t been buying clothes for myself all that much in the past two years. I’ve bought some of vintage, and a new item here and there, but compared to before Frida came into our home, I’m like an Amish person. I have my uniforms that I wear over and over again, and the funny thing is I don’t even mind. I’ve purged my closet several times, selling stuff at Crossroads Trading Company Threadflip, and Poshmark and sending them off to the Score! Pop-Up Swap. And it feels pretty good to have tamed my previously over-indulgent self.

That must be why I’ve barely taken off these Goldsign “The Stevie” jeans since I bought them recently at Rand and Statler in Hayes Valley. I mean it’s kind of a problem. They are all I want to wear, to a fault. You’ve already seen them here, and there I am above wearing them at the park with the little missy. I rather like my Canadian tuxedo look, but I can’t say the same for all of my recent ensembles involving these jeans.
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Swap Clothes With Me on Thursday!

This Thursday, August 21 starting at 5pm, the SOMA StrEat Food Park will be THE place to grab some numminee(TM) for dinner, as well as a great place to snag some of my clothing for free! I’m a style partner with Score! Pop Up Swap, which is a charitable organization that throws clothing swaps, then donates the proceeds to charity.

Just buy a ticket for $10 (or $17 if you’d like a tote bag), then show up at the StrEat Food Park on Thursday with some clothes you’re no longer into. Other folks will do the same, and chances are you’ll love something they can’t even bear look at anymore and vice versa. Money from ticket sales goes to Hack the Hood, which provides design and technical training to low-income youth, who then use their skills to support local businesses and non-profits in the Bay Area.

You can also swap music, art supplies, housewares, books and other media. Check out the inside of my closet in the video to see if you might want a piece of that action.

Azalea Opens a Second Shop on Valencia Street in SF Today

azalea sf Azalea Opens a Second Shop on Valencia Street in SF Today

Here’s some good news for a Friday: Azalea, a must-shop clothing boutique for men and women at 411 Hayes Street that’s been in business for more than a decade, TODAY opened a sister shop at 956 Valencia Street! Be one of the first to shop the new digs on this gorgeous, sunny day. Look for brands including Alexander Wang, Comme Des Garcons, Naked and Famous, Obey and lots more.

Azalea’s new retail website is also pretty great. Happy shopping!

Jenny Lewis, The Flaming Lips, Janis Joplin, and Festival Style at Outside Lands 2014

DSC01533 Jenny Lewis, The Flaming Lips, Janis Joplin, and Festival Style at Outside Lands 2014

Hello! I think I am finally recovered from Outside Lands 2014, and here are some festival style shots I snapped, as well as a couple from performances. My favorites were Jenny Lewis, Flaming Lips, Arctic Monkeys, Tom Petty (he sang Friend of the Devil on the anniversary of Jerry’s death, tears), Death Cab for Cutie, Tegan & Sarah, Phosphorescent, Grouplove, and Holy Ghost! (whom I’d never heard before!).

I was having a difficult time finding great fest style this year—I was looking for folks who are really owning their look, not just donning a flower crown and maxi dress because it was the thing to do. But apparently I wasn’t looking hard enough because Refinery 29 found some amazing styles (including yours truly!). Anyway, without further ado, here are the photos. Can’t wait for next year!
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Kim Kardashian’s Head and Other Things People Carry at Outside Lands to Find Their Friends

DSC01528 Kim Kardashians Head and Other Things People Carry at Outside Lands to Find Their Friends
Over my many years attending Outside Lands, my usual partner in crime (but not this year, sniff), Robyn, noticed something beyond the flower crowns, cropped tops and cut-offs. Hundreds of people were carrying stuffed animals, balloons, inflatable creatures and the like, perched on tall sticks. Why? So they could find their friends, just in case the cell towers were too jammed to get messages across. It turns out, not only do these clever folks help their own friends find them, but anyone standing nearby as well. “I’m just to the left of the poo!” A few of these fine folks let me snap their photos. I think my favorite has to be Kim with the electric red eyes. How about you?
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What to Wear to Outside Lands Music Festival 2014: Shop Your Closet

IMG 3994 What to Wear to Outside Lands Music Festival 2014: Shop Your Closet
Outside Lands 2012, yes it was that cold. Photo by Jesus Diaz.

So you haven’t had a chance to go shopping for that perfect Outside Lands outfit? Well, the fest starts tomorrow, so it’s time to start shopping your closet. But don’t worry, you probably have most of these things lying around, possibly unworn for years. Time to break out those pieces and make them new to you. But if you feel like your closet is hopeless, don’t despair. I’ve included local shopping recommendations where you can find key items. Happy outfitting! See you at the park!
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Four Poisonous Facts About Your Style That Will Make You a Greener Shopper

summer 2014 lookbook amour vert Four Poisonous Facts About Your Style That Will Make You a Greener Shopper

A summer 2014 look from Amour Vert

As I mentioned on Instagram, I had the pleasure of interviewing Greta Eagan, author of a new book called Wear No Evil, at Amour Vert’s beautiful new boutique in SF’s Hayes Valley on Saturday. She was lovely, and knowledgeable on a topic I’ve always been interested in but often been lazy about: ecologically-responsible fashion. I sat down with her book when I got home and was shocked into caring again by these four facts:
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Events and Sales I Would Totally Go To/Shop…

… if I didn’t have a two-year-old and had tons of cash!

image001 Events and Sales I Would Totally Go To/Shop...

580 Hayes Street—The open space next to Hayes & Kebab (corner of Hayes and Laguna) is throwing an art show tonight from 6 to 9pm featuring photography by Jarda Brych, mural art by John Baden, and lots more. This is probably the last event here before the space is demolished and condos go up.

Fiat Lux—Tonight, from 7 to 11pm, the tiniest, awesomest jewelry store in SF is hosting its annual truck show with Claire Kinder Studio & Daisy San Luis Metal. The space might be small, but the couple behind Fiat Lux knows how to throw a party, and they have amazing taste. (I’m going to try to make it to this one!)

Amour Vert—Tomorrow, Saturday, July 26, stylist and “eco-ambassador” Greta Eagan will be at the new store to sign copies of her new book Wear No Evil. Sophia Bush called it “the ultimate, all-in-one style guide with ethics built in that we’ve all been waiting for.” Eagan will be there from 12 to 3pm at 437 Hayes Street in San Francisco. I don’t know about you but I’m way ready to get rid of the sweat shops in my life. (OK so I’m actually going to this one, see you there?)

Ligne Roset—The brand’s floor sample sale is happening through August 3, so go get some mid-century goodness for your place. The store is at 162 King Street in SF. Just make sure a baseball game isn’t happening when you go!

Freda SalvadorMy most favorite shoe brand is three years old! To celebrate Freda’s birthday, all sale shoes are an extra 15 percent off with the code FREDAISTHREE.

Legion—One of my favorite new shops in San Francisco has marked down summer merchandise from brands including Ilana Kohn, Rachel Rose, Theonne, Collina Strada, Kathryn McCarron, Kaarem and more 40% off! Find the shop in Chinatown at 679 Clay Street.

Raw Dance—RAWdance is kicking off its 10th Anniversary Season with two world premieres for the company, plus two premieres by guest companies Project B. and Gretchen Garnett & Dancers this weekend. Catch one of their gorgeous performances at Z Space (450 Florida Street) tonight, Friday, at 8pm; tomorrow, Saturday July 26 at 8pm (including a post-show reception and silent auction); or Sunday, July 27 at 7pm If you need a little nudge to buy tickets, check out the Chronicle’s super flattering writeup about Wendy Rein and Ryan Smith, the duo who launched Raw Dance in San Francisco a decade ago.