Strappy Burgundy Suede Pumps Worn Three Ways

DSC02561 Strappy Burgundy Suede Pumps Worn Three Ways

I don’t know if it’s the effect of changing trends or my changing tastes, but what I thought was an undying love of platform shoes is kind of dying. Maybe it’s the Sarah Jessica Parker effect, but I’m feeling like wearing more classic, pointed-toe pumps lately.

So when Glam.comm called asking if I wanted to buy some shoes and write about them for a collab with DSW, I figured this was my chance. I landed not one but two pairs of Joes Jeans strappy pumps, one in black and white and one in maroon suede. Here, I’ve styled the maroon version three ways: formal-ish, a daytime look, and a casual weekend look.

I don’t dress up all that much, but with party season approaching, I’m hoping for some opportunities to turn it up a notch. I bought the green dress above at a sale in San Francisco hosted by ModaVive, which sells gently-used fashion and donates money to charities. I love the color and the length. I’ve had the Kenneth Jay Lane necklace forever. The bracelet is a J Crew necklace.
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Blue Sky and Blue Jeans

DSC02385 1024x768 Blue Sky and Blue Jeans
Photos by Jennine Jacob. This is a sponsored post.

When I was little, I begged my mom to wear jeans every day starting in second grade. But she felt strongly a little girl should wear a dress to school. As soon as I was free to choose my own outfits, guess what I wore every single day? I had some NICE acid wash pair, high-rise pleated (anyone remember Zena jeans? Those were my fave.), I had classic Levi’s, and I even had some denim skirts I didn’t mind wearing.

Now in my 40s I wear jeans less often, partly because my style has changed, partly because I can’t really abide tight clothing anymore. But this pair of (tight) DL1961 (they’re the Florence style in Thornton), is different. The jeans make me feel secure rather than like I’m letting in all hang out in a way that should be saved for the club, which is a thing I never frequented and still do not. I did have a short-lived rave phase but no one wore jeans raves.

The reason these are not only tolerable but my current favorites is because of the 4-way stretch. As I’ve mentioned, it sucks you in but still feels soft. You feel solid but not like you’re wearing a girdle. DL1961 uses a new fiber in their denim (along with cotton and Lycra) called Lenzing proModal, which is so absorbent that they’re testing it in diapers. For jeans, that extra absorbency means the dying, washing and treating process is cut in half, conserving water, dyes, energy and time.

I’m also wearing a top by Amourt Vert and booties from Kurt Geiger (they are surprisingly walkabale despite that treacherous-looking heel) and a clutch by Hayden Harnett. Also, the weather in Pacifica has been amazing. It was a perfect day at Pacifica Pier.
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Carmen Marc Valvo Says We Can Wear See-Through Skirts. Let’s Do It.

cmv8 682x1024 Carmen Marc Valvo Says We Can Wear See Through Skirts. Lets Do It.
Photos via The Cut

This is how I’m thinking lately: I’m 46 years old, and I’m super lucky if I have that many years left to live. Why hold back about… things? For example: tattoos. I will probably have the thing for less than half my life as it is, why not hurry up about it? Another example: clothing. The transparent chiffon skirts at the Carmen Marc Valvo fashion show at the Fairmont Hotel last week called to me, and why should I not return their call?
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My New Favorite Jeans: DL 1961 High Rise Ninas

DSC02336 575x1024 My New Favorite Jeans: DL 1961 High Rise Ninas

On Balmy Alley in the DL1961s

Photo by Jennine Jacob

The thigh gap is my unicorn. The space betwixt my upper thighs remains stubbornly dark and gapless as a playback and will, I’m certain, remain so until the day I die. I accept this, even as discussion of the proverbial thigh gap reaches a fever pitch. The Beyonce gap flap made it household terminology—even my husband knows it now. (“Me: Do my thighs look huge in this photo? Husband: No, you have a thigh gap. Me: How do you even know what that is? Him: I read Huffington Post.” And for the record we were discussing the photo above, and I do not have a thigh gap. It’s the way I was standing.) My favorite line in Mary HK Choi’s Kindle Single Oh, Nevermind: “My mother is 63 years old, and her thigh gap is righteous.”
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Coming to Terms With the ’90s Fashion Obsession #TBT

friends in jeans Coming to Terms With the 90s Fashion Obsession #TBT

The folks behind a new blog called SF-Looks got in touch with me earlier this week about their new site, which is a spinoff of their previous, very successful Tumblr site, Hel-Looks. Hel-Looks was a street style blog, dormant now that the owners are in SF, that showcased Helsinki’s most interesting dressers. Now they’ve brought the concept to the Bay. My first thought was: “Will they find enough material in San Francisco?” After I checked out the new SF site, my second thought was: Why is everyone so obsessed with the ’90s? About half of the subjects cited ’90s fashion as inspiration.
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Learn How To Keep Your Cool After Becoming a Mom

 Learn How To Keep Your Cool After Becoming a Mom

If you’re expecting, or trying to adopt, even if you’ve been trying really hard to be a mom for years like I did, you might have all kinds of fears about what life is going to be like after your little person arrives. I certainly did, and I would’ve loved something like Lovemade, an events series created by my friends Jeanne Chan of ShopSweetThings and Janette Crawford of Sun + Dotter and Homepolish.

Their goal is to reassure you that you will not lose your cool, your edginess, your character, or any of the other awesome stuff that makes you you, just because you’re a mom. Their first workshop is on Saturday, where expecting moms will learn about nursery design, maternity and baby fashion, breastfeeding, get a makeup tutorial with Bare Minerals artists, get baby bump photos with Sarah Hebenstreit of Modern Kids, plus listen to a panel about work-life balance with Katie Hintz-Zambrano, founder of Mother magazine, Erica Chan Coffman of Honestlywtf and Liz Stanley of Say Yes.

The workshop costs $375 (sign up here), and includes a SWEET gift bag stuffed with goodies from International Orange spa, Freshly Picked baby moccasins (which make me want to have another infant immediately), The Honest Company diapers, bibs, bottles and lots more. Space is limited to 15, so sign up quick!

Mara Hoffman + Freda Salvador Is a Match in NYFW Heaven

I always love it when friends from disparate parts of my life get along. So I was beyond thrilled to see this match-in-heaven happen at New York fashion week: Mara Hoffman showed her Spring/Summer 2015 collection with San Francisco-based shoe brand (and a major favorite of mine) Freda Salvador.

The Mara Hoffman collection looks 100% to-die-for, and it couldn’t be more perfect with the Fredas. Here’s further proof:

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How Style Bloggers Are Like Frida Kahlo

I just spent nearly an hour trying to orchestrate the perfect selfie, with right the light, framing, posing, etc. Partly it took so long because I have a horribly slow iPhone 4. Partly it’s because I’m obsessed with myself.

Frida Kahlo 2 How Style Bloggers Are Like Frida Kahlo

One thing my mother would say about this behavior: “Oh doesn’t she think she’s special?” “Oh for goodness sake,” is another. And I get that it all seems terribly vain. But there’s more than narcissism at work here—it’s also curiosity. What is my place in the world and how does my human form fit into it? I mean don’t we all wonder these things? Some people just wonder to themselves. Others wonder to the whole world.
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What To Pack in Your Carry-On for Fashion Week so You Won’t Have to Check a Bag

One of my goals in life is to never check a bag at the airport ever again. With a toddler in tow, this may be impossible. But on occasions like New York fashion week when I’m solo and confused about what to do with my hands (why is there not a small person yanking on my arm?), the carry-on is a work of art that I’m continually perfecting.
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So I Was Kind of a Badass in My Twenties

the sweater So I Was Kind of a Badass in My Twenties
So that’s totally not true, but you wouldn’t know it from this photo of me, would you? I’m wearing The Sweater, which I discussed earlier this week. It’s circa summer 1990, and I was living in a house called Big Pine at Cape Cod with nine other girls. We called it BPCCMA. We were not old enough to drink, but as you can see we managed to procure more than our share of Budweiser. We favored Baja hoodies and the striped pajama-like pants Debbie’s wearing (I wish I still had those!). As you can see I participated in the bad habit of smoking cigarettes. I had another bad habit of borrowing my friends’ clothes without asking, but most of the time they didn’t mind. The Sweater was Susan’s, who’s on the right. Debbie and I probably wore it more than her. It looked too cool with cutoffs and a tan on a breezy beach night.
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