Watch Me Scan My Necklace Like Magic

margiela x h&m necklace long crystal collar

As we got ready for holiday entertaining and house guests, I decided to do some serious house cleaning. I sent loads of clothing to Crossroads Trading Company. But I thought maybe I could try my own hand at selling some of the mountain of costume jewelry I’ve acquired over the past couple of decades. All you need is a website and some decent photos, right? Well, I have the website, but I’m not the best photographer. Luckily, the Sprout by HP takes a perfect scan every time. Check it out in action in my video above—it’s only my second-ever video so please excuse the jankiness! Now I just need to get all the photos up on the site. Stand by!

Also check out here how I created an inspiration board for a gorgeous green room using the Sprout (and check out my first-ever video).

This post was sponsored by Sprout by HP.

Crazy Sequin Jumpsuit, Basic Black Boots

Mara Hoffman sequin jumpsuit
Photo by Azita Karimkhany, and this post is sponsored.

I first spotted this amazing Mara Hoffman jumpsuit at my lovely friend Mira’s shop Mira Mira. I was too slow and they were all snapped up before I could snag one. But when my sister-in-law announced she was hosting a “Dance Your Ass Off” party for her birthday, I knew I had to track down the jumpsuit. And I did! It was on sale, too. And it fit! Woohoo, disco party here I come.


The only problem was: This jumpsuit and this occasion required a simple black pair of booties, which I did not own. I couldn’t dance the night away in sky-high sandals, and I didn’t own anything more reasonable. Enter DSW, which has an amazing selection of all sorts of boots and booties at the moment, at amazing prices. I love the narrow tow and wedged heel on this pair, and they helped me stay on the dance floor until 1am, which I haven’t done since approximately 2010.

Goodnight party people!

A photo posted by Kristen Philipkoski (@stylenik) on

Finally reclining on my niece’s hot pink shag after dancing into the wee hours (ok hour).

DSW is the destination for savvy Shoe Lovers everywhere. Customers experience a breathtaking assortment of designer brands at irresistible prices everyday.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by DSW via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of DSW.

Styling Tips for DSW’s Epic Winter Boots

DSW booties Photo by Kourosh Karimkhany
Sponsored post alert!

My boyfriend in college hated ankle boots, as we called them back then. He called them faux boots. They represented an artificiality that he mistrusted. He believed they aspired to be real boots, but were too lazy to go through with it. That their wearers were trying to pull one over on passersby: They may look like a boot in the foot, but—GOTCHA!—what you don’t see is the lack of suffocating leather climbing up the shin! This was in the ’90s (and, truth be told, the tail end of the ’80s), when cowboy-style booties were a thing. So perhaps he had a point.

I’ve long since stopped taking my boyfriend’s (or husband’s, not that he offers any) advice on what I wear. I dress to please myself, and to have fun, and my closet—well the Ikea bookshelf that serves as my shoe storage—has been overrun by booties.

Conveniently for my foot injury (too much dancing with no shoes) booties tend to be comfortable and with a reasonable, walkable heel, like these from DSW. The brown suede is soft, and the heel is present (I need something) but low, and I walked all over Tilden Park in Berkeley with the family wearing them over the weekend.

Whether you agree with my ex that booties are impostors, or like me you love an ankle boot, you’re in luck because DSW has lots of them at amazing prices—both high and low versions. The prices, though, are strictly low, so I don’t think I need to tell you to stock up. Stay tuned for more styling tips next week!

DSW boots

Showin off some new boots in Tilden Park today.

A photo posted by Kristen Philipkoski (@stylenik) on

DSW is the destination for savvy Shoe Lovers everywhere. Customers experience a breathtaking assortment of designer brands at irresistible prices everyday.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by DSW via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of DSW.

How the HP Sprout Will Make You Glad You Never Took That Photoshop Class

green room

You might be able to tell from my homemade logo that I don’t know jack about Photoshop. I am very graphically deficient. So when HP was looking for bloggers to collaborate on their new Sprout product, I was first in line. I tested out the machine by using it to create our Christmas card. The simple act of placing text over a photo was miraculous to me (that’s how bad I am at this stuff).

Next up was an image I’d wanted to create ever since a trip we took a couple months ago to beautiful Sepastopol to visit Kourosh’s sister and her family. They rented this gorgeous home, which happens to be owned by interior designer Suzanne Knowlton (who also designs these textiles that I wrote about for Forbes; yes she’s amazing). I was obsessed with the kitchen. It was done all in green (which I mention SEVERAL times in the video below, you’ll see), but somehow it wasn’t at all too much. As much for myself as for Stylenik readers, I wanted to share its awesomeness and provide some guidance for recreating the room.

The results are above, and a little bit about how I used the Sprout to create that image (which I’m not kidding is a big deal for me) is described in the video below. Disclaimer: This is for real the first video I’ve done on the blog. So please forgive my awkwardness and ums and unsmooth transitions.

Also I will say this: the Sprout is connected to a Windows machine, and that’s the only part I found difficult at times. I’ve been using a Mac for many years, so it’s probably just a matter of reacquainting myself, but I’m not gonna deny using a swear word or two as I tried to navigate outside of the Sprout. But the Sprout Workspace, as they call it, is super intuitive and easy peasy.

Oh and one last thing: I am barely scratching the surface here! I don’t even talk about how this thing is a freaking scanner on which you can place a plate of food (or anything else that will fit) and capture an image. You’ll actually see beside me in the video a pile of my jewelry that I scanned for online selling purposes. Oh and you get to see my amazing forest wallpaper! (Onward to see the video and my sources!)

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What to Wear When You’ve Gained Seven Pounds Over the Holidays

This is my favorite side of the bag, but the other side is cool too!

This is my favorite side of the bag, but the other side is cool too!

Photos by Jennine Jacob

I had to dig deep. Deep into my soul for the desire to leave the house, and deep into the closet for something that would fit over my swollen thighs and belleh.

I had tried one pair of skinny jeans that would not button, and another that transferred entirely too much information to the world. So I gave up on trying to contain my new bulk and went for something that allowed its freedom. I bought these pleated silk pants about five years ago from Hayden Harnett, a Brooklyn handbag designer that had a brief stint with making clothes (I bought many of them including this dress, a silk top that’s still a favorite and I can’t believe it’s never been on the blog (stand by!) and an amazing graphic black and white scarf that I tragically left at a bar and never saw again). The pants worked out well because they allowed room for everything that was going on while not looking entirely shapeless. They zip in the back, which I believe was key. And they are very high waisted with a keyhole and drawstring in the front. I thought it best to wear a garment over that feature at this juncture.

Here's the other side of the bag!

Here’s the other side of the bag!

The sweater is new, a Marc by Marc Jacobs score from Nordstrom Rack—a bit of an impulse buy. I’ve made it no secret I’m favoring “new luxury” and handmade and local and all that, but a friend had a gift card and I’ll admit I didn’t need an arm-twisting to tag along. My parents gave me cash for Christmas in lieu of gifts (which was great!), and I planned to buy a statement-making garment—a fabulous dress or some such. But I saw this sweater (and another very glittery specimen which will certainly appear in an upcoming outfit post) and loved it and knew I’d wear it often. In addition, it accommodates my new girth nicely.

The shoes are by my beloved Freda Salvador, sans the shoe necklace that came with them. For this particular outfit, a less adorned boot seemed appropriate. And isn’t is wonderful to have that option?

The bag! I’m so excited about the bag. Kourosh’s cousins who visited from Iran recently brought it for me from their land of wonderful textiles. It fits my laptop, and I can’t even believe how much they nailed my taste, having never laid eyes on me, and plus the fact that we don’t speak each others’ languages (literally but certainly not figuratively).

Oh and here you can see how the pockets on the pants have a blousing thing happening, which somehow distracts from your actual hip width and makes your waist look smaller.

Oh and here you can see how the pockets on the pants have a blousing thing happening, which somehow distracts from your actual hip width and makes your waist look smaller.

So there you have it. Back to dancing and yoga so hopefully I won’t need to buy a new wardrobe (though that has appealing aspects).

They Say Uggs Are Back. Ugh.

ugg suki waterhouse
Photo via Ugg Australia

According to Vogue UK, the wool-lined suede boots that sweaty Los Angeles feet made popular in the early 2000s are back in vogue. When Birkenstocks and even Tevas had their moment of fashion approval, I was all for it. But Uggs, I just cannot!

I don’t mean to be grumpy. But I don’t understand this footwear. I understand Moon Boots! I would totally wear a pair of Moon Boots in a snowy place. So fun and colorful.

rainbow moon boots
Photo via Sarenza

But Uggs are suede and squishy. They are lined with sheepskin, so they are very warm. I like to have warm feet! But I don’t like to have sweaty feet. For around the house, which is the only place there might be any chance I’d wear Uggs (which I won’t), I prefer thick socks or cute slippers, like these cuties I bought Frida for Christmas (she makes adult sizes, too).

Uggs never really went away. I think pretty much every time I go anywhere, I see someone wearing them. The Sartorialist did a post on them back in 2012 (though no one is sure whether he was making fun); so did Refinery 29. But I have to say no thank you to every one of those outfits.

At least with Birkenstocks you get some ankle. And maybe a peek at a pretty pedicure. And Moon Boots have rainbows! Uggs are just a spongey beige hoof. People in Minnesota say they’re the only thing that keeps their feet warm. OK then, extreme weather denizens, carry on. I know rainbow footwear is not for everyone.

Joan Didion for Céline and Joni Mitchell for Saint Laurent: Let’s Celebrate the Best Week in Fashion, Ever


So these are my joyful thoughts:

I am obsessed with the ’70s, California, and great writing. Joan Didion is clearly the pinnacle of that trifecta.

I’m obsessed with fashion, obviously. Phoebe Philo + Céline are my unattainable French crush and cool barometer.

So, Joan Didion for Céline?!? Head explosion.

joni mitchell st laurent 2

Another thing I’m obsessed with is music, especially female vocalists who make me cry. Could there be any question who is number one in that ranking? You don’t even have to say it I know your answer is Joni Mitchell.

And then OK: Saint Laurent? Heidi Slimane? They are just as out-of-reach cool as Ms. Philo and Céline, if more masculine.

Joni Mitchell for Saint Laurent? Double head explosion!!

And then there’s the thing where I’m always the oldest person anywhere. I mean I’ve come to terms with it. The alternatives all suck. But still, when my fellow bloggers are talking about how much they’re looking forward to their 30s in a couple of years, I sometimes wonder what I’m doing here.

joni mitchell saint laurent

Joni Mitchell is 71 and Joan Didion is 80.

They are older than me! Triple. Head. Explosion.

I’m so happy with the fashion world right now. I’m going to go play Miles of Aisles while I read the White Album in my Saint Laurent silk blouse and fur Céline shower shoes. Ok I don’t own those pieces. But now I might kind of want them. Your advertising has worked on me, guys. And I really don’t mind.

Happy 2015 and Highlights from 2014

We hope our flowers pleased the goddess.

We hope our flowers pleased the goddess.

Photos by Viva Van Assen

Years ago, friends invited us to Ocean Beach to celebrate the New Year like Brazilians do: by dressing in white for good luck and throwing flowers into the ocean as a tribute to Yemanja, the goddess of the seas. This year it occurred to me that we live by the beach! Why not take on that tradition ourselves? And so we gathered some friends and did just that. The sunset was beautiful and it was an amazing way to end an eventful year.

Usually I do a lot of thinking at the end of the year about the previous 365 days and my hopes for the coming year. But this year we had back to back houseguests since before Christmas until literally about an hour ago, so I’m still kind of processing everything. Below are the 10 things that seemed most significant in the Stylenik world in 2014—because it’s not right to let the New Year pass by without a list now, is it?

Why are we at the cold beach again?

Why are we at the cold beach again?

Toasting as the sun sets.

Daddy that hat looks better on me.

Daddy that hat looks better on me.



Gina, who works at Lifefactory, brought white silicone-covered glasses for the occasion!

Gina, who works at Lifefactory, brought white silicone-covered glasses for the occasion.

Wishing everyone a very happy 2015!

Wishing everyone a very happy 2015!

Pacifica Pier

Pacifica Pier

Things that happened in 2014:
I got fired. It was the high point of my year.

Apartment Therapy stopped by for a house tour.

Frida turned 2!

I started a writing gig with Forbes|Life.

I started writing for the SF Chronicle.

Mother featured my fost/adopt story. And my mom jeans!

ThredUP called me a style expert. That’s all I really ever wanted.

I think I went to Outside Lands?

I wrote a bunch for 7×7.

Madison Reed called me the comeback queen, and I relished the opportunity to make an L.L. Cool J reference. #dontcallitacomeback

Wearing: Vintage fur jacket (similar here) ASOS dress (also seen here; similar here), Converse sneakers, Eugenia Kim hat, Ray Ban sunglasses.

Dressing for Holiday Parties Without Looking Like a Disco Ball

Photos by Jennine Jacob

Holiday parties often mean copious sequins an sparkle and that can be totally fun but it also gets a little predictable. So this season I’m going with lush fabrics accented by pops of color and shine. The suede shift dress is structured while still giving off a boho vibe, which is hard for me not to do, and the calf hair on the boots adds to the whole texture thing happening. I accessorized with lots of The 2 Bandits jewelry and colorful beaded earrings.

As I mentioned on Instagram, I’m channeling Cher a little bit and there’s nothing wrong with that in my book. The best part was I did not have sore feet at the end of the night, and the rest of me was comfy, too. What are you wearing??

Onward to a few more photos, and to shop the look:
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The Gift Every Fashion Friend Will Love

clutches for christmas
Photos via ShopBop

It’s holiday gifting time and I’ve been racking my brain about what type of gift guide to write. Just like it’s difficult to pick out a gift, it’s difficult to pick out gifts for a guide. Plus, women who love fashion are the hardest to buy for. They have very specific tastes, and the stuff they want they tend to buy for themselves.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought about the clutch, that little bag you carry and put a few things in, usually when venturing out in the evening. It’s an excellent gift for a style-obsessed woman for several reasons:

1. If she doesn’t like it she can use it as a makeup bag.

2. If she doesn’t like it, it’s impersonal enough that she can re-gift it.

3. Clutches don’t take up much space, so even if she only likes it a little bit she can tuck it into a drawer or closet without resentment.

4. It’s not the type of bag she’ll use every day so it’s OK if it’s slightly outside of her typical style.

5. If you buy the right size, it can double as an iPad or computer case.

6. If she doesn’t like it, she can use it as a travel case for jewelry.

7. Clutches are less expensive than normal handbags.

8. You’ll have bought a fashion gift for a fashion person, and that’s a brave endeavor. You might even get lucky! If that’s the kind of relationship you have. Or are hoping for. Onward for the clutches!
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