Black Tights, White Dress, Loose Layers


So, this sweater again! I threatened to layer it over a Mara Hoffman dress, but I got inspired to pull it over this vintage nightshirt-type vintage dress. Loose clothing is all I can tolerate lately, and I’m getting excited for spring and loving light, neutral colors. Also there’s something about black tights with a white dress that I kind of love.


And these boots—sigh if only I could wear them for longer than 20 minutes!

Dress, vintage via Reliquary SF, similar here (also seen here); Sweater, vintage, similar here (also seen here); Boots, Margiela x H&M, similar here.

Dancing Into the Sunset


The views of the sunset at our house have been epic lately. Sadly, it’s tough to get an outfit photo that also shows then sun going down over the Pacific. But the light is still kinda pretty. I was excited to find this Helmut Lang sweater at Crossroads Trading Company the other day, because it reminded me so much of this Mara Hoffman layering situation:

Mara Hoffman - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015

For now I’m just layering it over a tank top, my DL1961 jeans (also seen here and here, obviously I’m pretty into them), and my Freda Salvador Strut lace-up oxfords (on sale!). But I’m imagining wearing it over one of my own Mara Hoffman dresses—or a new one! On a chilly night at the beach on the spring break vacation my husband doesn’t know yet that he’s taking me on, perhaps? I kid. I’ll probably just wear it here and walk down to our trusty old beach for an outfit photo. Stay tuned!


Also: you know it’s useless to try to take photos with a toddler around, right? All she wants to do is dance.




The Coats at Erdem Make Me Wish for a Polar Vortex in California

erdem coats-001

Not really. I love not having to shovel. But wouldn’t it but fun to keep warm in one of these?


Some of the dresses were rather gorgeous as well.

erdem dresses3

erdem dresses2

erdem dresses

Leather, lace, ruffles, brocade—we’re covering a lot of ground here but somehow it all works together and I like it.

I barely got to say hello, and we’re already saying goodbye to London fashion week! Like all the days of my life lately, it went way too fast.

Photos via

Rodarte’s Fall 2015 Disco Show

Rodarte Fall 2015

I’ve always been a fan of the Mulleavy sisters’ weirdness. And I can get behind their disco presentation this season. The leather leggings are divine (though the models’ legs are disturbingly bony in them), and I love how much asymmetry is present. The sheer lace is beautiful, and I’m down with the tweedy jackets. I’m less sure about the lamé-heavy pieces and Pebbles hemlines. But overall I love these women for taking risks and being from Aptos.

Rodarte Fall 2015

The setlist was interesting too, here it is if you’d like to listen more:

The Rip – Portishead
Blind – Michael Gira
Run To Me – Bee Gees (such a gem from 1972)
Louise – Clan of Xymox 

Asserting Independence

The light was so pretty and it was so green in our backyard last weekend, but after convincing the husband to snap some photos with me and the little, I found that BOTH our camera batteries were dead. So we used our iPhones. Which is a funny consolation prize because our iPhone cameras are about 100 times better than the first digital cameras we had less than a decade ago.


Frida is getting so independent, she wants to walk everywhere by herself and resists holding hands. We’ve been talking a lot about cars and being careful and it makes me a little crazy with worry. The other day we were crossing the street and she refused to hold my hand so I had to kind of grab her whole wrist (we were in the middle of the street and she decided to let go of me) and she yelled, “OW MOMMY OW!!” Passersby looked at me like I was a maniac child abuser and I kind of felt like one. But I promise you, this girl is on her way to becoming some type of performer!




Blown Away: Mara Hoffman’s Star Wars-Inspired Fall 2015 Runway

Photo via Mara Hoffman

Photo via Mara Hoffman

The Mara Hoffman Fall 2015 runway show happened on Valentine’s Day, and it’s probably the only place I could have been that would have rivaled spending the day with my family. I’ve been a fan for years, as her vibe is totally my jam. This season, the designer took a refreshing break from her ubiquitous kaleidoscope prints, which were accents rather than the over-arching theme of the collection. Hoffman was inspired by Star Wars and outer space, I can feel the force! I can imagine both Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker rocking her oversized scarves and vests. I love the layered turtlenecks underneath tunics and dresses. And I’m for sure feeling C3P0 in her finale gowns. It all feels very timeless, too, like if I had one of each in my closet I’d never need to buy another garment. Oh, and the braids! Amazing. Check out some of my favorites here, and have a look at a video of the entire show below.

Photo via Mara Hoffman

Photo via Mara Hoffman

Photo via Mara Hoffman

Photo via Mara Hoffman

Photo via Mara Hoffman

Photo via Mara Hoffman

Photo via Mara Hoffman

Photo via Mara Hoffman

Photo via Mara Hoffman

Photo via Mara Hoffman

Photo via Mara Hoffman

Photo via Mara Hoffman

Photo via Mara Hoffman

Photo via Mara Hoffman

Photo via Mara Hoffman

Photo via Mara Hoffman

Every Supermodel in the Book Walked the Gianni Versace, Fall/Winter 1991 Runway

Photo via Imgur

Photo via Imgur

Since the theme on the blog this week seems to be the early ’90s era, and it’s also the beginning of New York Fashion Week, I thought I’d take a look at what was happening on the runways back then (not that I had a clue in my L7 t-shirt what was happening in Milan!). I came across these truly amazing videos of Gianni Versace’s Autumn/Winter 1991/1992 collection. It is a sight to behold: Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Stephanie Seymour, Christy Turlington, Helena Christensen, Yasmeen Ghauri—I dare you to look away! Models don’t walk that way anymore. They don’t have curves like that. They’re actually smiling, and, dare I say, BOUNCING. What’s that I hear? People hooting and cheering? They’re touching their hair and the garments. The over-the-knee patent leather boots and catsuits are epic. The pleated micro minis (which must have led to a longer silver version I acquired at the gap a couple years later) are aggressively twirled to expose supermodel butt. The gowns are just divine—layered satin neon? Yes, please. And don’t miss the insanely beaded bustiers at the end.

The front row seats have to grapple with the unruly photographers leaning over the runway in front of them—can you imagine Anna Wintour craning her neck to see above these guys? Also, it’s long… three ~five-minute parts on YouTube! Watch them all. They sure don’t make fashion shows that that anymore.

This Isaac Mizrahi show from 1991 is also pretty phonomenal.

In a World With No Selfies… #TBT

It's 1992, let's play a CD!

It’s 1992, let’s play a CD!

Listen, kids. In 1992, we didn’t have digital cameras. We certainly didn’t have digital cameras on our phones! The luxury of retaking a selfie 800 times to make sure we looked pretty was not something we possessed. THE WORD SELFIE DIDN’T EXIST. As a result, this is what my photos looked like.

This was me in 1992. I’m in my very first San Francisco apartment at the corner of Masonic and Page in the Haight. I was wearing an L7 t-shirt, a female grunge band I discussed earlier this week, and who recently got back together (yay!). In 1992 I listened to them by inserting a CD into a CD player. I ate large plates of pasta covered with tomato sauce from a jar because I didn’t have much money. I had a spiral perm. My boyfriend, whose identity I tried to protect here, leased the apartment while I was still living in Colorado. I agreed to move into the place with him sight unseen. Apparently I was pretty laid back back then.

This was our very first night in the apartment. My belongings were scattered all over the floor. We eventually decorated the place with tapestries and Bob Dylan posters and tchotchkes picked up from sidewalk sales (there seemed to be a lot more of those back then, maybe because Craigslist didn’t exist yet?)

Aren’t throwback Thursdays fun? Also, I may be having a little too much fun with my Sprout (more here and here). But hey, I never learned Photoshop, having come up in a time when it didn’t exist, so it’s endlessly fun to play around with this thing.

Nineties Nostalgia

I recently rearranged my RSS feed, and now somehow my past is haunting me like crazy. First it was this Vice article about house parties, of which I have vivid and gross memories of both hosting and attending 20 or so years ago. Now I’m one of the people they mention with kids who sits (quite happily) on her couch with her husband and doesn’t go out much these days.

Then it was this article about the science behind Twin Peaks, which brought me back to my early days in San Francisco when I binge-watched the entire series by running across the street to the VHS rental place every night to get the next tape, and watched it in my Castro bedroom that was actually a living room. My roommates had to walk in front of the TV to get to the kitchen and bathroom as I sat on my bed transfixed. It’s also an article I would have loved to write back in my days as a science writer (or now, really).

The icing on the cake was the one about Charles Peterson’s photography of the grunge scene in the early ’90s. It was the photo of L7 that really got me. On principal I loved the all-female grunge band. In reality I could only tolerate a handful of their songs. It was more of a style thing. Pretend That We’re Dead was my favorite. (They are back together btw and have a Kickstarter on to make a documentary.) Also, lead singer Donita Sparks’ gray and blue hair is very in fashion at the moment.

Isn’t this photo of them magical?

It’s Officially February, How Are Those New Year’s Resolutions Going?


Personally, they’re not going all that well, which is kind of pathetic because I only have one: to not be late anymore. I have improved. I am late less often. But I can feel the trend slipping and if I don’t stay on top of it, I’ll be back to my old habits in no time. So I’m putting it in writing, accompanied by some outfit photos take at Pacifica’s mysterious castle, that I need to be diligent every day. Behavioral changes don’t just happen and you’re done, you have to keep at it, alas! After a month of testing out being on time, I’ve found that the key factor for me is planning ahead: my outfit, Frida’s outfit, lunch, etc., all needs to be together the night before, or all is lost.

As I type this, I have exactly nine minutes to get Frida and myself dressed and out the door to be on time for gymnastics. So looks like I’m going to have to cut this post short! Stay tuned for outfit details later!


Wearing: DL 1961 Instasculpt jeans (on sale! also seen here); old top from Anthropologie, similar here;  All Saints leather motorcycle jacket, similar here; booties from DSW, similar here, Rebecca Minkoff clutch, similar here.