So I Got Fired Yesterday

Yep, I got canned. It’s kind of the worst feeling, and it’s embarrassing, and my first instinct was to not let anyone ever know this really humiliating thing happened to me. In fact, I fibbed to one of my closest friends yesterday when I told her I couldn’t make it to the girl’s night out we’d planned because I’d “quit” my job and was upset about it (really sorry, Shadin).

Then I talked to my husband, who also got fired last year. He decided then not to take his employer’s offer to say it was a mutual agreement, not really a firing. I asked him why he would not take that opportunity to save face, and he said because it’s liberating to tell the truth. The job wasn’t right for him, and he got fired, why sugarcoat it? That got me thinking about my own hesitation to admit the truth of my shitcanning.

Then we picked up our daughter from daycare. As I waited for her caretaker to open the door, I was overwhelmed by the feeling that what’s on the other side of that door is what’s most important. Then it opened, and she gave me that smile and ran to me like I was the the most awesome person on earth.

I see quotes about how failure is good and necessary all over social media every day.

Here’s a great one from Maya Angelou:

“Courage allows the successful woman to fail-
and learn powerful lessons-
from the failure-
so that in the end,
she didn’t fail at all.”

Various outlets publish tons of lists of quotes on failure every year—but hardly anyone talks about their actual failures (Here’s one exception).

While reading the quotes makes me feel not as terrible, facing what’s real feels even less terrible. I want to live up to that awesome-person status, which would seem to require being an honest person. I got fired yesterday, y’all. I did some good writing at that job and I’m proud of my work. In the end it wasn’t enough, and it’s time to move on. So here’s to what’s next… omg what is next? I’ll try to figure that out over the weekend. Check back Monday, won’t you?

A Chat With John Varvatos

mick rock edit

John Varvatos was recently in town to promote his gorgeous new book on rock and Rroll style, and I had the opportunity to interview him about his inspiration for the book, his favorite photos in it, some of his own favorite pieces of clothing, and lots ore. I’m obsessed with rock and roll fashion, so I was super excited about this interview. Here we are in the poorly-lit conference room at the Clift where were chatted. He’s wearing a Jimi Hendrix-inspired jacket of his own design, which is part of an incredibly cool new collection. And on my way out, I crossed paths with the legendary Mick Rock, who took many of the photographs in the book. He got very cuddly for our photo :) Stay tuned for the full conversation at Racked SF soon!

Step Into My Closet

A little while back a lovely young woman named Sara Washington got in touch with me asking if I’d mind if she interviewed me on-camera about my closet and style. Obviously that’s one of my all-time favorite things to talk about so I said YES. The result is the video below, which I think Sara did an amazing job on. It’s part of a series she’s creating called Dressed, so stay tuned for more installments on her blog, She was so much fun and so easy to work with, and I’m so excited to have this keepsake—especially since I’m going through a MAJOR closet overhaul at the moment. I just listed 20 items on Poshmark, and many more are to come!

In the video, I talk about my style evolution, from hippie college student to fast fashion addict to now, which I don’t know how to define exactly, but I do know that I’m finally taking Tim Gunn’s excellent advice from his Guide to Quality, Taste and Style. He says something like: “Nothing in your closet should made you sad.” In the video I share several pieces that make me happy, but I also have SO MANY things in there that make me sad, mostly because they’re uncomfortable and/or unflattering. They are evidence of me succumbing to a trend that doesn’t work for my body, or ordering online and being too lazy to make the return when I realized the item didn’t look great. And it is TIME TO PURGE!

ANYHOO, I’m slightly embarrassed but honored that Sara made this video below. I’d love to hear what you all think, and about all of your style evolutions. I feel like whether you were a hippie or a goth or a prep, a little bit of that always stays with you, do you agree?

Get 20 Percent Off at the Hippest Luxury Jewelry Site You’ve Ever Met

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 7.13.14 AM
The lovely ladies of Adornia, an amazing luxury jewelry site you should totally check out, featured me on their blog recently, where I share my my top picks from their site, which was very hard to narrow down because they have so many amazing pieces. “Hip” and luxury jewelry don’t usually go together, but it’s happening here at Adornia. Black and pink diamonds, turquoise and gold: it’s all droolworthy. I also share a bit about my two very favorite pieces of jewelry: one from the husband, one from my grandmother.

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That Time I Didn’t Overpack

Sonoma Square

If these pants look familiar, it’s because I also wore them in my previous outfit post, which was taken on the same trip to Sonoma as these photos. What can I say, with a baby in my life, I’m not getting out all that much these days! And also because of the little missy, I wanted for once in my life to not overpack since I also had to pack for her. And I pretty much succeeded! As you can see, I got double duty out of the pants and shoes. Hopefully no one noticed.

Sonoma Square

Deep thoughts on Sonoma Square

Sonoma Square

Sweater: Pretty Penny Stock, purchased at Acrimony; vest: J. Crew, similar here; bag: Topshop, similar here; November (similar here); belt: purchased in Guatemala approximately 100 years ago, similar here; booties: Opening Ceremony; socks: Timberland; earrings: Sheila B; ring: Alkemie, similar here; glasses: See Eyewear.

This Is the Teddy Bear To Buy Your Stylish Partner For Valentine’s

teddy bearsSo you want to show your girlfriend or wife you care with a cute and romantic Valentine’s Day gift, but you have an inkling she does not feel the need to Getta Gund. You can walk that line between adorable and fashionable with these super cute sequin Teddy bears designed by Freddy Dico, available at AhaLife for $300. A bit steep for Teddy bears, perhaps, at first blush. But consider how psyched she’ll be to display them on her bed, and if you happen to share one, imagine how pleased you’ll be that they don’t embarrass your masculinity every time you enter the room. They would be just as at-home on the couch—so fun. Imagine just for a moment the points you’ll be collecting. Priceless. Also, can Teddy bears be rock and roll? I think these prove the answer is yes, yes they can.

freddy teddy

There Will Be No Swimming Today

No one was going to swim in that pool that particular day.

We decided to make a weekend out of The Lab Event last weekend, and we’re very glad we did even though the temperature was 23 degrees when we woke up on Sunday. 23! I’ll be honest, I brought this coat along with thoughts of doing up an outfit post, but I figured I wouldn’t actually need it. I needed it!!

It was 23 degrees in Sonoma that morning!

Lounging by the pool in the freezing cold.

Coat: vintage (similar here); turtleneck: Bebe from approximately 1,000 years ago, the last time cropped sweaters were trendy (similar here). I couldn’t get rid of it b/c it’s such a chunky and super soft cashmere; pants: November (similar here); belt: purchased in Guatemala approximately 100 years ago; booties: Opening Ceremony; socks: Timberland; earrings: Sheila B; ring: Alkemie, similar here; glasses: See Eyewear.

Baby Frida’s outfit is all hand-me-downs except for her Robeez booties.

Model Bloggers Rock The Lab Event in Sonoma

Risked it for a second for a photo op!Last weekend I was a model. That’s right A MODEL, unlikely as that may sound. I wore a wedding dress—two wedding dresses actually (not at the same time)—while walking down a runway. And you know what it was kind of fun.

It would be even more fun for someone fixing to get married. It was for The Lab Event in Sonoma, which was kind of like a wedding fair but more like a really fun party. All kinds of vendors were there showing off their wedding cakes, invitations, food, photo booths, the whole nine yards. And the venue itself, the Cline Cellars barrel room, was romantic and would be quite a dreamy place to tie the knot.

If I looked up I'm fairly certain I would have fallen.

The fashion show models were mostly my fellow Bay Area fashion bloggers, inluding Natalie Goel of Like Fresh Laundry, Krystal Bick of This Time Tomorrow, Chandamheer Stacker of Pancake Stacker, Rebecca Gunthrie of 35-Inch Inseam, Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam, Anne Sage of The City Sage, Maria Morales of Kitties and Couture and Angela Tafoya of Refinery 29. And then there was an experienced model, Lluvy Gomez, who starred in cycle four of America’s Next Top Model! She now has two kids and can still rock the runway like a major pro. She just turned it ON walking down that runway and we all dropped our jaws and realized what amateurs we were (perhaps I should speak for myself but that seemed to be the sentiment!).

This is the gorgeous Lluvy, who is a professional model. She was on America's Next Top Model. And I had to walk after her.


The lovely Maria of Kitties and Couture


Natalie from Like Fresh Laundry

Bottom line, it was a fun day/evening, and the husband and baby came to support my modeling debut, which I appreciated very much. Here are his photos and (exciting) a video!

Platform Sneakers: Hells Yay or No Way?

The wedge sneaker has been hotly debated by those who feel strongly about heeled sporty footwear. The Daily Beast said they should be banned. Others called it the worst trend of 2012. Yet Nike just came out with several new designs, and Isabel Marant, the brand that kicked off the controversial trend, has sold out $755 gold versions and released new colors. Target, Steve Madden, and even Victoria’s Secret now sell them.

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Are You Getting Hitched? Head to the Ultimate Wedding Planning Event in Sonoma This Saturday!

If your sweetheart proposed over the holidays, major congrats! How romantic. How exciting. How… stressful is the wedding planning going to be?! Deep breath. If you start with The Lab Event this weekend, planning your wedding will feel like the most fun ever. The event was created by three wedding aficionados: Erin Taylor of Bustle and Heritage & Craft, Allison Silber of Engaged & Inspired, and Yasmin Zialcita Ali of Floral Theory, to create a fun evening where folks planning weddings can experience Northern California wedding vendors in an actual party setting. Industry professionals who create dresses, floral arrangements, food, photography and more will be on hand at Cline Cellars to give a first-hand glimpse of their products.

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