My Mom Made This Cable Knit Sweater and I Love Her

IMG 7463 My Mom Made This Cable Knit Sweater and I Love Her

You may have noticed last week over at The Coveted or on Instagram that Jennine and I showed up for a date to take each others’ outfit photos wearing exactly the same outfit: a cable knit sweater with leather pants. We laughed in her hallway for about 10 minutes before we could do anything about photographs. Here I am in the photo Jennine captured with my idol Frida Kahlo.

My mother knitted this sweater. Can you imagine how much time and work that took? And every ring on my fingers was gifted to me: my engagement ring (obviously), the floral silver ring was my mom’s, the knotted one and stackables with it were a gift from Fiat Lux, and the blue topaz ring was my grandmother’s.

IMG 7461 001 My Mom Made This Cable Knit Sweater and I Love Her

I bought the Rick Owens boots when I was having a pretty serious life crisis which is my excuse for spending that much money on footwear. The t-shirt is my favorite V-neck from Marine Layer, the leather pants are from Madewell, and the bag is Foley and Corinna.

IMG 1509 e1416930233223 My Mom Made This Cable Knit Sweater and I Love Her

I had no idea what I was going to wear for this photo shoot fifteen minutes before I walked out the door. And then all that happened. Who can say what you wear has no meaning?

Don’t Miss Serena & Lily’s Limited-Time Berkeley Outlet

Pillows 001 Dont Miss Serena & Lilys Limited Time Berkeley Outlet

I’ve teamed up in the past with Serena & Lily, makers of interior magic, and I’m excited to collaborating with them once again to spread the word about their discount outlet in Berkeley. They’re offering up merchandise with small dents and dings as well as samples through December 8 only at a temporary outlet in Berkeley. All hard goods, bedding and decorative accessories are at least 40 percent off the original price, and upholstered items are at least 30 percent off. You’ll find lots of one-of-a-kind pieces at amazing prices. Personally, I’m coveting one of those poufs! Click below for some examples of the treasures you could find!

Serena & Lily Outlet
1360 Tenth Street, Berkeley, CA – off Gilman
(Google might tell you it’s 1330, FYI)

OPEN – Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 10am – 4pm
CLOSED – Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday
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A Foggy New York Day Welcomes San Francisco’s Marine Layer

Bleecker Store 11 14 422 blog A Foggy New York Day Welcomes San Francisco’s Marine Layer

When I woke up yesterday and checked the weather app, I immediately noticed the “severe fog warning” streaming across the top. I laughed and thought, a perfect day for the opening of San Francisco brand Marine Layer’s first east coast store. Kristen and I have a running joke that SF punishes me weather-wise every time I head out to visit her, and now it was coming after me here, on my home turf. Ah San Francisco, why must you torture me so?

image1 A Foggy New York Day Welcomes San Francisco’s Marine Layer
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Acne + Wrinkles = the Joy of Skin in Your Forties

Sponsored post alert!

DSC02363 Acne + Wrinkles = the Joy of Skin in Your Forties

Restoring some balance

Photo by Jennine Jacob

Earlier this year I went public with my age. Not that I was lying about it or actively trying to keep it a secret, but I didn’t volunteer the information. I certainly didn’t have the year of my birth on my Facebook account, but now I do. Maybe it was getting fired or maybe it’s just getting older and more comfortable with myself, but I had an epiphany that I want to be as honest about who I am as possible. So now anyone who cares is welcome to the information that I am 46 years old. 
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Munchkin for My Munchkin

DSC02810 Munchkin for My Munchkin

Ah, dinnertime. That daily family event when toddlers run around with food in their mouths and in their hair and on their hands which they smear onto camel-colored couches purchased before children were present. Oh, just us? OK yes this is our own fault. It’s a blur as to why, but we thought Frida was ready for a normal big-person chair. I had been using a booster for her since forever… I never actually used a high-chair. We went from Bumbo to booster. Anyway, she seemed ready and she was definitely willing—she climbed into our chairs and seemed to manage OK from there. But we quickly learned that the freedom came too soon. She bolted from the chair after a bite or two, which led to the inevitable tantrums when we tried to get her to stay put. Just as this experiment led us to accepting that our child needed to be strapped down during mealtimes, we were about to leave for a Sonoma getaway with friends and family.

DSC02807 001 Munchkin for My Munchkin

The beautiful Knowleton farm where our family was staying.

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Top 7 Picks From the Target x TOMS Holiday Gift Collaboration

toms x target womens poncho Top 7 Picks From the Target x TOMS Holiday Gift Collaboration

This is 100% necessary.

Poncho: $28

When I was little, my mom piled the presents high underneath the Christmas tree. She was a single mom working as a nurse until I was eight, and she was extremely frugal—except at Christmas time. It was a time to splurge a little, and I was, of course, so happy she did. And though I remember the joy of tearing open what seemed like an endless mountain of gifts, the list of presents I distinctly remember opening is short: When I was maybe five, I was thrilled to receive a large cloth drawstring sack filled with large wooden building bricks of different shapes and sizes. I slung it over my shoulder and marched around the house with the blocks poking into my back. When I was a little older, I received a giant Lego set that brought tears to my eyes. And when I was around middle-school age, it was a stereo with a turntable and 9-track player that made me weep with joy.

toms x target arrow clutch Top 7 Picks From the Target x TOMS Holiday Gift Collaboration

TOMSxTarget zip arrow clutch.

Clutch: $20

It wasn’t until I was older that I realized not everyone was as lucky as I was. And after experiencing adoption through the foster system, I’m even more acutely aware that many families won’t experience the joy of holiday giving like I did as a kid. So I’m very excited to partner with Target and TOMS on their holiday gift collection. Each time you buy something from the #TOMSforTarget collection, the brands will give a gift to someone in need: either a blanket via American Red Cross or a week of meals via Feeding America. Plus the prices are pretty amazing.

toms x target womens french terry sweatshirt Top 7 Picks From the Target x TOMS Holiday Gift Collaboration

Also, 100% need this one.

French terry sweatshirt: $22

toms x target toddler shoes Top 7 Picks From the Target x TOMS Holiday Gift Collaboration

Obviously Frida must have these.

Toddler shoes: $38

toms x target mens button down denim shirt Top 7 Picks From the Target x TOMS Holiday Gift Collaboration

I will perhaps buy this for the husband, then steal it for myself on occasion.

Men’s denim button up: $30

toms x target blanket Top 7 Picks From the Target x TOMS Holiday Gift Collaboration

So cozy and love the muted colors (also comes with yellow stripes!)

Fringe blanket: $30

toms for target chambray Top 7 Picks From the Target x TOMS Holiday Gift Collaboration

Never enough chambray shirts.

Chambray shirt: $26

I mean, you’d want to buy this stuff even it it didn’t have a do-gooder angle right? I want everything! But I chose my top seven favorites so my husband (ahem!) could have a short list to shop from.

Toms For Target: One-for-One. For All. Starting November 16th, for every Target+Toms limited edition gift you buy, we’re (Target) giving shoes, a blanket or meals to those in need. #TOMSforTarget

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target.

Three Actually Easy Hairstyles for Dirty Hair

SST AB 4339 Three Actually Easy Hairstyles for Dirty Hair

Dirty hair, don’t care.

Photo by Ashley Batz

Historically, I’ve been obsessed with having clean hair. Not washing my hair daily as a teen spiked my angst, and my grooming obsession lasted well into my 30s. And OK really into my early 40s too. It took having a child and no time to deal with my mass of hair to learn that not washing it has many benefits: 1. You save time, obviously, especially when you have a lot of hair; 2. You save money on products; 3. Your hair can actually look better on the third (or sixth) day after washing it.
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When an Old Man’s Nightshirt Is So You

DSC02743 When an Old Mans Nightshirt Is So You

This “dress” might actually be a military-issue nightshirt of some sort, I’m thinking. I picture a mustachioed ship captain wearing it while examining large nautical maps underneath a swaying wax candle chandelier as he plots his course around the pirates. He is probably smoking a pipe. I didn’t have time to ask about that when I ducked into Reliquary to buy it a couple weeks ago because I had Frida in tow, and everyone knows it’s the worst idea to take toddlers clothes shopping. But I really wanted it and I didn’t know when I’d be back to Hayes Valley again and I would be super quick. I know. It’s just that I couldn’t get the washed-to-perfection (I bet in industrial washers) cotton out of my mind after first spying it a few months ago. And I had these black Freda Salvador boots from their sample sale earlier this year that I hadn’t worn yet.

In the dressing room Frida grabbed the curtain and one of the women working there said (very nicely) don’t pull on that honey its old and it could tear and I felt like she thought I wasn’t able to control my kid which I totally can’t while trying on clothing (and at other times) and I wanted to say she’s not really pulling on it she’s just kind of gathering the fabric in her arms but then I realized she was seconds away from yanking and why did I think any of this was a good idea so I kept my mouth shut and was pleased to see that the dress fit perfectly across my shoulders and the length worked.
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Let’s Talk About Personal Style at PoshFest, Tomorrow!

bob dylan Lets Talk About Personal Style at PoshFest, Tomorrow!
Photo via All Dylan

I was at an event for Veronica Beard a few weeks ago at Neiman Marcus, and my fellow bloggers and I were standing around, as we do, talking about were we got our sense of style. I kept quiet because I honestly had no clue from whence mine hails. I was an only child, and I never had a relative who was particularly interested in fashion, or a family friend.

I’ve been trying to come up with something ever since, and now the pressure it on: I’m on a panel tomorrow entitled “Style Q&A: Fashion Pros Help Elevate Your Look” for Poshfest (tickets still available!), a gathering of fashion and style enthusiasts organized by online clothing reseller and community Poshmark. I have a hunch someone might ask me that question, so it’s been at the back of my mind all week. I still don’t have a clear answer, but I think it might have something to do with moving to San Francisco in the ’90s. And Bob Dylan. And possibly Nirvana. And this Foxygen video is giving me some clues. Fingers crossed this will make sense by tomorrow.

Seven Ways to Style a Hanging Rattan Chair

living agency hanging chair Seven Ways to Style a Hanging Rattan Chair

The stone walls? The enormous arced window? And How everything is white and low to the ground? What a dream.

I recently acquired a hanging rattan chair from Serena and Lily (it appears to be sold out, but they have the double-wide version in stock), but I haven’t yet asked my landlords if it’s OK to drill a hole into one of their beautiful wood ceiling beams to hang it. And I’m scared to do so because really I should have done that before getting the chair but I figured it would be OK—but what if it isn’t! I can’t face it because obviously our living room is screaming out for that chair, as is every beach house in the world.
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