On the 1 With Frida: Orange County and Hearst Castle

Welcome to On the 1 With Frida, where we explore all the fun CA Route 1 has to offer.

DSC02113 On the 1 With Frida: Orange County and Hearst Castle

A favorite moment in OC.

We recently drove down to Southern California from San Francisco the fast way, and came back up the slow way on Route 1. We swam at Mayee and Baba’s (the grandparents on daddy’s side) in Orange County, ate delicious Mexican food for lunch in Santa Barbara, stayed at a cozy AirBnB in San Luis Obispo, checked out Hearst Castle, and drank bubbly Monterey. We had to postpone a stop at the Monterey Aquarium, but we’ll be back (despite our suspicions that people in that town hate children).
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All the Stars in This Movie Are Eleven

Screen Shot 2014 09 26 at 7.35.58 AM All the Stars in This Movie Are Eleven

If the word “tween” makes you queasy, Australian filmmaker Genevieve Bailey will ease those concerns with her incredibly charming film I Am Eleven. She traveled the world for six years interviewing 25 11-year-olds across the globe, from the United States to France to India and Australia and beyond. They’re no longer babies, but not yet teenagers, and it’s a magical time when unselfconsciousness combined with surprising intellectual capacity create thoughts and expressions that will delight and surprise you—even if you don’t have kids.

This weekend, Bailey, who has won loads of awards for her filmmaking, is bringing her first feature length documentary, I Am Eleven (which has also won loads of awards), to the Bay Area. I’m beyond honored to have been asked to moderate a Q&A panel with the filmmaker after the screening tonight at the Metreon. Come join me for the film at 7pm with the Q&A directly afterwards. Screenings continue throughout the weekend at The New Parkway theater in Oakland at 2:15 on Saturday and 1pm on Sunday, then at the Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center at 4pm on Saturday and Sunday. Hope to see you there!

I Am Eleven San Francisco FLYER All the Stars in This Movie Are Eleven

Learn How To Keep Your Cool After Becoming a Mom

 Learn How To Keep Your Cool After Becoming a Mom

If you’re expecting, or trying to adopt, even if you’ve been trying really hard to be a mom for years like I did, you might have all kinds of fears about what life is going to be like after your little person arrives. I certainly did, and I would’ve loved something like Lovemade, an events series created by my friends Jeanne Chan of ShopSweetThings and Janette Crawford of Sun + Dotter and Homepolish.

Their goal is to reassure you that you will not lose your cool, your edginess, your character, or any of the other awesome stuff that makes you you, just because you’re a mom. Their first workshop is on Saturday, where expecting moms will learn about nursery design, maternity and baby fashion, breastfeeding, get a makeup tutorial with Bare Minerals artists, get baby bump photos with Sarah Hebenstreit of Modern Kids, plus listen to a panel about work-life balance with Katie Hintz-Zambrano, founder of Mother magazine, Erica Chan Coffman of Honestlywtf and Liz Stanley of Say Yes.

The workshop costs $375 (sign up here), and includes a SWEET gift bag stuffed with goodies from International Orange spa, Freshly Picked baby moccasins (which make me want to have another infant immediately), The Honest Company diapers, bibs, bottles and lots more. Space is limited to 15, so sign up quick!

Don’t Let Them Do That to You

Jane magazine had a column called Don’t Let Them Do That to You. One of the things Jane said not to let them do was cut your cuticles. I never let them do that anymore. I’m borrowing the title here to tell a story I’ve been wanting to tell for five years.

thermage photos Dont Let Them Do That to You

In 2009, my husband and I planned a big trip to Paris and the South of France. I was EXCITED. Obsessing over what to pack for an entire month in France robbed me of sleep. How to not bring/wear a ton of makeup without looking like a haggard tourist also dominated my thoughts. So it was perfect timing when a company that makes a radio frequency anti-aging device offered a free treatment so I could write about it for a luxury magazine I was working with at the time. Maybe I could have that no-makeup look and actually not be wearing any makeup.

I met the PR director at a dermatologist’s office in San Francisco. He also invited a woman who’d undergone the skin-tightening procedure and sang it’s praises. She was in her 40s and looked like she was in her 30s. She told me the treatment, which costs around $3,000, involved very little pain—it was so painless, in fact, that she could have fallen asleep during the procedure. The result was a lifted, more youthful face. If money were no object, she’d do it again in a heartbeat, she said. It would be free for me so, you know, twist my arm. It did occur to me that 1. She may have been paid by the company to say nice things about the procedure (or at least have gotten free treatments) and 2. God knows what else she had done to her face to look so young. But I accepted those unknowns and took the freebie.
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Linda Fahey Ceramics in a Magical Redwood Grove

DSC019661 Linda Fahey Ceramics in a Magical Redwood Grove

A few weeks ago, we made a trip out to the King’s Mountain Art Fair in Woodside. It’s a magical event, with arts, crafts, food and drink nestled among a shady redwood grove (mark your calendars for next year!). The highlight of the day was running into Linda Fahey (who is also a friend and fellow Pacifican) and her amazing ceramics. She created an exclusive collection for Anthropologie last year, and is working on another, which will be available for holiday 2014. Watch out for it, and follow her on Instagram to track her progress!

If you’re in the Bay Area, stop by her Yonder Shop at 158 Reina Del Mar in Pacifica (right next to Gorilla BBQ). And congrats are in order: the shop just made the SF Chronicle’s list of the Bay Area’s top 100 shops! It’s not tough to see why—from her big, nautically-themed platters, to her Tiny Love Cups, everything is incredibly unique and beautiful, and it’s all handmade by Linda. I’ve been jonesing for one of her driftwood spoons for a while now, and a tall ship platter is also on my must-buy list.

Also look out for an upcoming collaboration with graphic designer and printmaker Julia Kostreva. More info coming soon! Check out lots more of her work below, plus more shots from the fair.
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The Sadness of Learning Not Everyone Loves Your Child

IMG 0645 The Sadness of Learning Not Everyone Loves Your Child

Who would not want to dine with this child?

We visited Monterey earlier this week, and we think that town might hate children.

It was our last stop on a drive up the coast from the Los Angeles area. We checked into our hotel and my husband got online immediately, as per always. When he checked his email he got some excellent news that made us want to go out to dinner to celebrate. It was 5:30—just about right for a celebratory dinner with a two-year-old and the retirees of the area. So he Yelped “family friendly restaurant,” and came up with the Old Fisherman’s Grotto. It was on Fisherman’s Wharf and sure to be a tourist trap. But even if the food was marginal, we figured it would be fun to let Frida run around the wharf and see the boats and sea lions. The first thing we saw when we arrived at Old Fisherman’s Grotto was a big red sign that said something like: “No Strollers, No High Chairs, No Booster Seats, we hate children.” Something like that—check out the actual hideous thing below.
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Mara Hoffman + Freda Salvador Is a Match in NYFW Heaven

I always love it when friends from disparate parts of my life get along. So I was beyond thrilled to see this match-in-heaven happen at New York fashion week: Mara Hoffman showed her Spring/Summer 2015 collection with San Francisco-based shoe brand (and a major favorite of mine) Freda Salvador.

The Mara Hoffman collection looks 100% to-die-for, and it couldn’t be more perfect with the Fredas. Here’s further proof:

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How Style Bloggers Are Like Frida Kahlo

I just spent nearly an hour trying to orchestrate the perfect selfie, with right the light, framing, posing, etc. Partly it took so long because I have a horribly slow iPhone 4. Partly it’s because I’m obsessed with myself.

Frida Kahlo 2 How Style Bloggers Are Like Frida Kahlo

One thing my mother would say about this behavior: “Oh doesn’t she think she’s special?” “Oh for goodness sake,” is another. And I get that it all seems terribly vain. But there’s more than narcissism at work here—it’s also curiosity. What is my place in the world and how does my human form fit into it? I mean don’t we all wonder these things? Some people just wonder to themselves. Others wonder to the whole world.
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What To Pack in Your Carry-On for Fashion Week so You Won’t Have to Check a Bag

One of my goals in life is to never check a bag at the airport ever again. With a toddler in tow, this may be impossible. But on occasions like New York fashion week when I’m solo and confused about what to do with my hands (why is there not a small person yanking on my arm?), the carry-on is a work of art that I’m continually perfecting.
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On the 1 With Frida: Lemos Farm

Welcome to On the 1 With Frida, where we explore all the fun CA Route 1 has to offer.

DSC01833 On the 1 With Frida: Lemos FarmNBD mom.

So one day you’re holding this helpless four-day old baby in your arms, and the next, she’s RIDING A HORSE. OK it’s a pony, and she is 2 years old now, but you guys how is she riding a horse pony all by herself? She let the dude at the pony ride take her from my arms and place her on an equine, with me on the other side of a fence, without so much as a whimper. And look at her. Nothing but happy.
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