Blue Sky and Blue Jeans

DSC02385 1024x768 Blue Sky and Blue Jeans
Photos by Jennine Jacob.

When I was little, I begged my mom to wear jeans every day starting in second grade. But she felt strongly a little girl should wear a dress to school. As soon as I was free to choose my own outfits, guess what I wore every single day? I had some NICE acid wash pair, high-rise pleated (anyone remember Zena jeans? Those were my fave.), I had classic Levi’s, and I even had some denim skirts I didn’t mind wearing.

Now in my 40s I wear jeans less often, partly because my style has changed, partly because I can’t really abide tight clothing anymore. But this pair of (tight) DL1961 (they’re the Florence style in Thornton), is different. The jeans make me feel secure rather than like I’m letting in all hang out in a way that should be saved for the club, which is a thing I never frequented and still do not. I did have a short-lived rave phase but no one wore jeans to raves.

The reason these are not only tolerable but my current favorites is because of the 4-way stretch. As I’ve mentioned, it sucks you in but still feels soft. You feel solid but not like you’re wearing a girdle. DL1961 uses a new fiber in their denim (along with cotton and Lycra) called Lenzing proModal, which is so absorbent that they’re testing it in diapers. For jeans, that extra absorbency means the dying, washing and treating process is cut in half, conserving water, dyes, energy and time.

I’m also wearing a top by Amourt Vert and booties from Kurt Geiger (they are surprisingly walkabale despite that treacherous-looking heel) and a clutch by Hayden Harnett. Also, the weather in Pacifica has been amazing. It was a perfect day at Pacifica Pier.
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Did You Ever REALLY Want To Take a Photo, But Continued Enjoying Life Instead?

FullSizeRender 1024x795 Did You Ever REALLY Want To Take a Photo, But Continued Enjoying Life Instead?

I settled for a few snaps after class was over. She was still pretty psyched.

I took Frida to her first dance class yesterday at ODC Dance Commons (which I highly recommend), and she wasn’t being all that cooperative, to be honest. Not that two year olds are known for their willingness to do as they’re told. But I was having one of those times when I worried that MY child was particularly troublesome. Everyone else was doing as the teacher instructed! But I smiled and gently coaxed her to join in on the warmup stretches.

Then, the teacher broke out the scarves, and magic happened. A room-full of toddlers and their parents were running in a big circle around the room, a brightly-colored chiffon scarf in each hand, pretending to be a flowing technicolor river. “Let your river flow!” the teacher encouraged. It would have made THE MOST amazing photograph. I could seen the Instagram likes racking up.

But when I saw the joy on Frida’s face, and felt my own, I couldn’t bring myself to truncate it. How could I put my scarves down, dig in my bag for my phone, and run back to the circle hoping nothing had changed? Because it totally would have. Mommy would no longer be a dancing river, she’d be a picture-taker. And Frida would be a toddler who forgot about dancing because she wanted mommy’s iPhone. And all the other parents would have thought I was obnoxious, and I would have felt terrible.

Maybe that’s a worst case scenario, but one things certain—I would have felt slightly less joy yesterday, but I would have had a few more photographs. I don’t regret choosing the joy.

Carmen Marc Valvo Says We Can Wear See-Through Skirts. Let’s Do It.

cmv8 682x1024 Carmen Marc Valvo Says We Can Wear See Through Skirts. Lets Do It.
Photos via The Cut

This is how I’m thinking lately: I’m 46 years old, and I’m super lucky if I have that many years left to live. Why hold back about… things? For example: tattoos. I will probably have the thing for less than half my life as it is, why not hurry up about it? Another example: clothing. The transparent chiffon skirts at the Carmen Marc Valvo fashion show at the Fairmont Hotel last week called to me, and why should I not return their call?
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My New Favorite Jeans: DL 1961 High Rise Ninas

DSC02336 575x1024 My New Favorite Jeans: DL 1961 High Rise Ninas

On Balmy Alley in the DL1961s

Photo by Jennine Jacob

The thigh gap is my unicorn. The space betwixt my upper thighs remains stubbornly dark and gapless as a playback and will, I’m certain, remain so until the day I die. I accept this, even as discussion of the proverbial thigh gap reaches a fever pitch. The Beyonce gap flap made it household terminology—even my husband knows it now. (“Me: Do my thighs look huge in this photo? Husband: No, you have a thigh gap. Me: How do you even know what that is? Him: I read Huffington Post.” And for the record we were discussing the photo above, and I do not have a thigh gap. It’s the way I was standing.) My favorite line in Mary HK Choi’s Kindle Single Oh, Nevermind: “My mother is 63 years old, and her thigh gap is righteous.”
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How to Throw a Baby Shower for Baby Shower Aficionados (and the Best Pastry Chef in the Country)

DSC02249 How to Throw a Baby Shower for Baby Shower Aficionados (and the Best Pastry Chef in the Country)

I found the banner at Target—you can write on it with chalk! I also made a last minute trip to Home Goods for the cupcake stand and a few other serving implements.

More and more women are getting pregnant in their late 30s and 40s, which means their friends—i.e. the folks you would invite to their baby shower—are probably also around that age. And that means they’ve seen a baby shower or two (or 25) in their lives. And let’s face it, many of us will try any credible excuse to lay on the couch and watch The Good Wife instead of attending our 26th shower. So when I volunteered to plan my friend Jen’s shower, those possibilities were top of mind. I wanted everyone celebrate a new little person (a girl woo!) coming into the world without being forced into uncomfortable situations.

Oh the other thing about this party? The co-founder of one of the best restaurants in the country was one of my guests. Have you been to State Bird? It’s the most creative, delicious food I’ve eaten in my entire life, and there was no way I was going to cook for that esteemed establishment’s co-creator. So I did a brunch where other people cooked almost everything: Bagels from the bagel shop (we made a special trip into the city for the good ones) with all the fixings, Kourosh made egg salad (not afraid!), we had jams made by his mom, and I picked up cupcakes from Pacificakes right down the road, which were delicious. I did bellinis for drinks and called it a day.
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Miracle Beauty Product of the Week: M.A.C. Haute and Naughty Mascara

haute naughty mascara Miracle Beauty Product of the Week: M.A.C. Haute and Naughty Mascara

I received M.A.C.’s Haute and Naughty mascara gratis (usually $22) at a dinner celebrating the grand opening of a new MAC cosmetics flagship in San Francisco’s Union Square. Truth be told I haven’t bought mascara in about five years because I get so many samples and freebies (I’m not complaining). So I set it aside until I needed one. Admittedly because if it’s impressive packaging, it rose to the top of my pile. For the first two weeks I used it, I had no idea there were to applicators, because I don’t read instructions. When I figured that part out, I was excited! Still, I had no idea what I was supposed to do with each one, so I used the fat brush first, and then the sparser one. The results were dramatic and wonderful (see them after the jump!)
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‘I Am Eleven’ Is Playing for Another Week in San Francisco! Win Two Free Passes Here

IAmEleven SF October2014 I Am Eleven Is Playing for Another Week in San Francisco! Win Two Free Passes Here

So this is exciting: the documentary film about 11-year-olds that I told you about last week has been extended in the Bay Area through next week. That means you have another chance to see this touching film before the filmmakers, Genevieve Bailey and Henrik Nordstrom, travel back to the other side of the world in Australia. And you really need to. I had no idea how hilarious and charming 11-year-olds could be before I saw the film last Friday. They’re still kind of kids, but almost teenagers. They’re on the cusp, and they are all wonderful, from India to Indonesia, the U.S., China and beyond.

Want to win? In the comments section below, fill in the blank: When I was 11 ___________. It can be anything: funny, sad, embarrassing, whatever. I will pick a winner at random on Monday morning, who will get to check out the showing of their choice at the Metron next week from Monday through Thursday. The film has been extended to other theaters in Berkeley and Oakland, Larkspur as well as the Balboa Theater and the Regal Stonestown Twin. Check out all show times are listed here and above on the flyer. And don’t forget to tell us what you remember about being 11!

Coming to Terms With the ’90s Fashion Obsession #TBT

friends in jeans Coming to Terms With the 90s Fashion Obsession #TBT

The folks behind a new blog called SF-Looks got in touch with me earlier this week about their new site, which is a spinoff of their previous, very successful Tumblr site, Hel-Looks. Hel-Looks was a street style blog, dormant now that the owners are in SF, that showcased Helsinki’s most interesting dressers. Now they’ve brought the concept to the Bay. My first thought was: “Will they find enough material in San Francisco?” After I checked out the new SF site, my second thought was: Why is everyone so obsessed with the ’90s? About half of the subjects cited ’90s fashion as inspiration.
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Totspot Is Poshmark for Kids’ Clothes Because Why Would You Pay Full Price?

jean jacket 768x1024 Totspot Is Poshmark for Kids Clothes Because Why Would You Pay Full Price?

Frida loved her first little jean jacket from the Gap. And she looked so stinkin cute in it that I continued to squeeze it onto her little body long after the snaps refused to snap. And then I realized this would happen numerous times in her life as she grew, and maybe I didn’t need to buy a brand new denim jacket every time? Luckily I discovered Totspot, which is basically Poshmark for kids clothing. It’s an app you can download on your phone for free, then create a profile for each of your kids. You can check out everything on the app in your child’s size, or you can search for a specific item. The app is slick, easy to use, and just like Poshmark, you can also sell second had clothing in good condition. It’s totally simple and genius.

I bought several things including some super cute purple Gap sweatpants and a Ralph Lauren hoodie dress. But my favorite purchase is this Osh Kosh B’Gosh denim jacket. It cost $7 (seven dollars!), and it’s a little too big, so she should have it for at least a year (fingers crossed!).

This post was sponsored by Totspot!

Can Tiny Needles Deliver Improved Skin? A Review of MicroPenning at SkinSpirit

micropen Can Tiny Needles Deliver Improved Skin? A Review of MicroPenning at SkinSpirit

I try to be OK with my age and the changes that come along with getting older. But sometimes when I look in the mirror I think: “WHAT is that? Let’s see what we can do about that.” And then I search Google until I find ways to remove the offense. Think it won’t happen to you? I totally thought that too. Before the things started happening.
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