Don’t Sound Stupid! How To Pronounce Haute Couture, Givenchy, Guerlain, Christian Dior, etc.

I know, it can be rough with these fancy fashion pronunciations. You don’t want to say them incorrectly, but then you also don’t want to sound like a snob going over the top with your hifalutin accent. Finally, here are some definitive pronunciations for everything from Haute Couture to Givenchy to Bjork. You’re welcome!

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We Match Musical Style Icons of Yesterday With Their Modern-Day Dopplegangers

Debbie Harry Rockbird album cover
Debbie Harry: As the lead singer of Blondie, Debbie Harry was known for her peroxide hair and killer cheekbones. She was cool to perfection in t-shirt dresses, studded belts and leather thigh-high boots.
As fashionistas slip thankfully into sweatpants and run out of catwalk photos to obsessively peruse online as another hectic show season ends, our attention turns to the stage. Festival season is about to kick off with Coachella and some of the year’s most exciting fashion watching is about to begin.

And while we’ll soon feast our eyes on endless photographs of ticket holders on street style blogs across the Internet, let’s have a look at the artists who inspire it all.

Historically we’ve looked to our musical stars to point us in the right sartorial direction. From the New Romantics in gender-blurring make up to plaid-wearing and disheveled indie band boys; from The Beatles in skinny ties to Grace Jones in a category all her own, music has been responsible for some of our all-time snappist dressers and uber-cool style icons.

So who will be channeling Blondie or filling Stevie Nicks’s shoes on the festival stages this year? Here we’ve matched some our favorite sartorial icons from the past with their intrepid modern equivalents.
Becka Diamond

Image via Guest of a Guest

Becka Diamond: As a DJ and NYC It girl of the moment, Becka Diamond might just scrape by as a musician. But she’s definitely making a name for herself when it comes to her threads. With Blondie-esque cheekbones and iced hair, she favors a punk edge and plenty of black.
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