Black Tights, White Dress, Loose Layers


So, this sweater again! I threatened to layer it over a Mara Hoffman dress, but I got inspired to pull it over this vintage nightshirt-type vintage dress. Loose clothing is all I can tolerate lately, and I’m getting excited for spring and loving light, neutral colors. Also there’s something about black tights with a white dress that I kind of love.


And these boots—sigh if only I could wear them for longer than 20 minutes!

Dress, vintage via Reliquary SF, similar here (also seen here); Sweater, vintage, similar here (also seen here); Boots, Margiela x H&M, similar here.

That Feeling After a Long Lazy Day in the Sun…

There’s nothing like getting dressed after a day in the sun on a warm weather vacation. That post pool/beach break when you shower off the salt, sand and/or chlorine, you’re a little bronzed and hopefully have time for a little nap so you feel rested and ready for food, drink and fun. That was my state of my mind in the photos you see before you. I also may have had a cocktail. Alas, why must vacations come to an end? [Read more…]

How To Mix Brights and Pastels for a Perfect Spring Palette (and How I Scored Marni for H&M Platforms)

How 'bout we go ahead and remove those?
Photos by Kourosh Karimkhany

I made my way to H&M pretty late on Thursday after the Marni collaboration launched, and I expected to get nothing. There was still a giant line wrapped around the upstairs, which was good because it meant there was stuff left, but bad because it meant waiting. [Read more…]

Windswept in a Maxi in Miami

windyPhoto by Robyn Ross

I still have not managed to post all my favorite shots from my trip to Miami for Art Basel. Every year it’s such a quick trip crammed with so much amazing art and super fun times that it takes me weeks to process it all. I have just one more installment I’m trying to give birth to, but in the meantime I thought I’d post an outfit photo. Just to sort of relieve the pressure a bit. I think I literally wore a maxi dress or skirt every single day that I spent in South Florida. And on that note thanks again to Mira Mira for getting me out of my rut :)

Maxi Dress: H&M
T-shirt: Forever 21
Belt: Antik Batik
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Earrings: Anthropologie
Bag: Topshop
Glasses: Oliver Peoples

What to Wear to Art Basel Miami: It’s a (Maybe Slightly Freaky) Art Fair, Not a Freak Show

Art Basel look #2

H M short sleeve shirt, £7.99
Raveur long tulle skirt, $41
Chunky high heels, $150
Kenneth jay lane jewelry, €132
Antik Batik blue belt, €40

When dressing for Art Basel in Miami Beach, you want to get creative. It’s a giant art fair, after all, surrounded by amazing parties. But you do not want to get too literally arty. Not like Mr. Crazy Suit Man at fashion week. But you do want something that might catch the eye of an interested style observer. This outfit has tulle, it has crystals, it has velvet, and it has a tribal touch. I think it strikes just the right note, what do you think?

The Upcoming H&M Plus Versace Collab Is Polyester-Free

I always get super excited about high-low collaborations at Target, H&M, or wherever, and the items are always tres covetable in the photos online. However, the fabric often mades me sad, typically because it’s polyester. I have a Target + Erin Fetherston short version of the hippie wedding dress hanging in my closet unworn mainly because it’s polyester, which always makes me think of reliance on foreign oil, not to mention the unavoidable stinky as the day or night wears on.

So I was pretty happy to learn from Refinery 29 that the dresses in the upcoming Versace collaboration with H&M contain no polyester! And from the looks of the sneak peaks, the styles range from micro-mini to knee-length (And is that a floral maxi in the photo above? Please let it be so!), and from shiny metallic to geometric to florals. Something for everyone, as they say. Sadly we have to wait until November 17 to check them out first hand.

Pondering Identity and DNA in Burgundy Velvet + Yellow Patent

Kristen going to see Litter at ZeumSAN FRANCISCO — After the one-year-old’s birthday party last Saturday, I had tickets to Peter Nachtrieb‘s play Litter at the Zeum theater (yes near the carousel at Yerba Buena, I didn’t know there was a theater there either!). I felt like being a bit grown up sartorially since I’d dressed for a small child earlier in the day. The result was skinny jeans, a velvet jacket, and my sky-high Acne platform booties. The beautiful thing was that there was parking nearby, so I barely had to walk in those babies.

Regarding the play, I thought the beginning and the end were funny. There were some patches in between that I hate to say became somewhat tedious. But don’t listen to me, I’m totally not qualified to opine about such things. For a review from a real theater critic, check out this write up at SFGate, which gives “Litter” the little man watching attentively. One thing I’m slightly more qualified to comment on is the subject matter for three reasons: I am adopted, I underwent fertility treatments, and I wrote about reproductive technology at for several years. It turns out the “litter” is one of humans thanks to a fertility experiment gone wrong. The result is 12 siblings (the Framingham Dodecatuplets) who are now 18 and experiencing some angst. Early in the play, they discover [SPOILER ALERT!] that they are not actually genetically related. This results in [AGAIN, SPOILER ALERT!] two of them embarking on a romantic relationship, which to me as an adopted person was intolerably gross, despite being an only child. There is, however, [ONE MORE SPOILER ALERT!] a heartwarming reunion at the end, which bolstered my belief that you don’t have to share DNA to be family.

That got surprisingly deep for an outfit post, no?

Scarf: H&M
Velvet jacket: Gap (ages ago)
Jeans: AG Adriano Goldschmeid
Shoes: Acne
Bag: Amerian Apparel

Happy Monday: Feeling Good Inside and Out

The awesome thing for me about getting older is the confidence that comes with it. When I was younger, I was insecure and wanted to blend in. In my mind I had style but I was afraid to wear it. The problem in my youth was that I didn’t know if a double-take meant the onlooker thought I looked insane or awesome. The excellent thing about now is that, like the honey badger (Have I pushed this video enough yet? We’ve been quoting it around the house nonstop), I don’t give a you-know-what. The other thing is that despite being in my 40s, I can’t bring myself to swear on my blog because my mom reads it.

Leather jacket: Gar-de, purchased at Gilt
Scarf: H&M
Skirt: Weston Wear
Boots: Seychelles purchased at Therapy
Ring: Tre, purchased at KirnaZabete

Blue Bottle coffee, olive oil fried egg sandwich from Il Cane Rosso at the Ferry Building.

An Excellent San Francisco Morning: Dynamo Donuts, Four Barrel Coffee, Frida Kahlo and Doc Martens

Photo by Kourosh Karimkhany

I realize I look a bit somber here. I was trying to reflect Frida’s mood. She’s such an inspiration to me style-wise. Like the honey badger, she didn’t give a you-know-what. She had her own style of dress, art, and life. I’m typically more smiley than Ms. Kahlo, so the serious face is not natural for me (not that I’m fooling anyone here). In any case, I was smiling broadly soon after this photo because we headed to Dynamo Donuts for a cornmeal rosemary cherry donut, a chocolate spice donut, and Four Barrel coffee. An auspicious way to start a Thursday.

Hat: Vintage Stetson purchased at Fly Boutique in Miami
Scarf: the previously referenced Coverse model purchased at Target
Rain jacket: Stella McCartney for H&M
Jeans: AG Adriano Goldschmeid
Boots: Dr. Martens purchased at Villains in the Haight.