Stripes and High Tops

Photos by Kourosh Karimkhany

We took a detour from our regular Pacifica haunts this weekend and found this sandy area, where a bunch of hang gliders were hovering around. Frida is learning approximately 100 words per day, some of which we can understand. “Daddy” is still her favorite, I try not to take it personally!

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Sponsored Post: Counting on Diane von Furstenberg for Style Inspiration

This picture of me with the divine Diane von Furstenberg was taken last year at the Lucky FABB conference, a gathering of fashion and beauty bloggers organized by Lucky magazine. Though the photo may be slightly uneven—as in I’m just a little more excited than DVF about the whole thing!—I treasure the image. She’s an incredibly inspiring woman who’s seen her fair share of ups and downs and has continually come out on top. Her life is a reminder that if you work hard and maintain laser focus on your vision—whether it’s a wrap dress or a style blog—you will succeed. And as I try to build my own business, that’s something I can’t remind myself enough. The best part is Ms. Furstenberg lives her life with amazing style: from what she wears to her self-confidence to her philanthropy and work with the Council of Fashion Designers of American promoting new designers. Anytime I’m feeling discouraged, I can count on a glimpse of this picture for a boost!

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Top 10 Moments From Lucky Magazine’s Fashion and Beauty Blogger (FABB) Conference

Lucky FABB! What a day we had in Santa Monica on Monday at Lucky magazine’s conference for fashion and beauty bloggers. The setting was amazing: The Annenberg Beach House directly on the beach overlooking the ocean—though the SF contingency seemed to have brought Bay Area weather. But no one was really complaining, there were plenty of pleasant distractions. So much happened, and I want to tell you everything! But it’s just not possible. Both because of my poor note-taking and my terrible memory. Also, some really bad news: none of the photos I took on my big boy camera came out. Don’t ask, it’s too upsetting to discuss. Let’s just move on to my top 10 nuggets from Lucky FABB, peppered with some crappy iPhone photos (in chronological order):

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The Lucky Magazine Blogger Conference Is Today! If You’re Not in L.A. Watch It Online

Lucky magazine’s FABB conference is on all day today, and if you’re not here in Santa Monica but want to hear what sage words Zac Posen, Jessica Alba, the fashion guru and little girl from Mad Men (that’s two separate people), Lucky mag editors, and a slew of super-successful bloggers including Geri Hirsch and Aimee Song have to say about blogging, stream it here starting at 8am sharp Pacific! I’ll be checking in often on all the usual social media outlets and here so stay tuned!

Lucky Magazine’s First West Coast Blogger Conference Kicks Off This Weekend With Zac Posen, Jessica Alba, Randi Zuckerberg

Exciting times for West Coast bloggers: my favorite shopping magazine and yours is bringing its Lucky FABB blogger extravaganza to Los Angeles for the first time. I’m driving south as I type this into my phone, in our friend’s fancy Porsche. Feeling very California glamorous! The festivities kick off on Sunday afternoon when the Lucky’s West Coast editor plus the ladies of Have to Have will take us on a shopping expedition to their favorite shops on Abbott Kinney. I am very excited about this part. After that, it’s a cocktail party at Kelly Wearstler‘s boutique on that same street.

Monday is the actual conference, with a full day of panels on best blogging practices, with celebrity speakers including hottie designer Zac Posen, the lovely superstar Jessica Alba and famous Facebook sibling Randi Zuckerberg. As you can see above, last year”s guest was the tres fab Diane von Furstenberg. And if this year is anything like last year, there will be lots of brands present trying to get their wares into bloggers’ paws (and we certainly don’t mind). I’ll keep you up to date on all the goings on both here and on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Stay tuned! Also, check out last year’s coverage here.

Fashiony Cinemagraphs Elevate Gifs to an Art Form

When I checked out the “best blog posts” category for the Lucky FABB awards last month, this “Here’s to Fridays” post was among the nominees. OK the lights are moving. It was kind of mesmerizing, actually. But best blog post? Come on! Being a writer, I thought it needed more words.

But after seeing more “cinemagraphs” collected in this Mashable article, I’m rethinking. Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, who coined the term cinemagraph, have invented what appear to be the first non-tacky gifs. You know gifs, those usually ridiculous-looking animated images that people use on message boards and crappy websites.

NYFW cinemagraph

But Burg and Beck’s are not just non-tacky, they really are gorgeous. The duo seems to have a knack for choosing just the right aspect of an image to animate, like in the one above with the couple gently swaying with a steaming kettle in the background. Here’s how they do it:

To create a cinemagraph, Burg and Beck focus on animating one object: a swinging chain, for instance, or a spoon moving around the rim of a coffee cup. In a studio setting, the pair will employ pinpoint light to create sparkle, and fans to tousle hair and garments. Beck directs the camera, a Canon D5 Mark II, while Burg controls the props that produce the animation.

Beck and Burg will then import and edit the files in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. The number of frames they use depends on the medium. For Gilt Taste‘s website, they were able to create much longer loops and embed their work on the site using HTML5 video layers. A cinemagraph that appears on their Tumblr will end up being between 25 and 100 frames; a banner ad is even more constrained.

For more, check out their From Me to You Tumblr blog.

The Iconic DVF Wrap Dress Still Rules

I met Aylanna Wilks at the Lucky FABB conference last week. She’s a public relations assistant at Diane von Furstenberg, and the girl you see here before you rocking this DVF wrap dress. It’s the “wrap of the month” for September on DVF’s Facebook page — one dress per month is available exclusively on the site. Aylanna is 25, but this dress has the miraculous ability to look amazing on all women of whatever age. I’ve been rocking DVF wraps for 20 years and I’m sure I will for 20 more. I love the bright colors of this one against Aylanna’s skin tone, and I think I would look just as amazing on a blond, or moi! What do you think? Is it not the most versatile dress EVER?

What I Wore To Lucky FABB: Parker Graphic Dress and… Timberlands?

FABB LUCKY Conferecnce -TimberlandSo this is the only photo I have of what I wore on Wednesday to the Lucky FABB conference. Do you like my hat? It was a charity effort that Timberland put together: A woman in Peace House, an organization dedicated to ending domestic violence, gets the outfit, and I get a pair of boots too. The funny thing is, the boots I was already wearing yesterday are Timberland. The company sent them to me for a separate promotion — so I am basically all about Timberland right now. I built the outfit around the boots because it was raining in New York, and the boots are waterproof! Oh and the dress is by Parker. P.S. I love red white and blue clothing.