That Time When You Realize Everything You’re Wearing Is From Madewell

IMG 4517 That Time When You Realize Everything Youre Wearing Is From Madewell
Photo by Kourosh Karimkhany

The husband and I went to visit some friends in Geyserville this weekend, and on the way up we thought we’d maybe stop at a winery. We did not realize it was “Barrel-Tasting Weekend,” and we didn’t really know what that meant. But we found out! It meant copious wine tasting and drunk loud people. So we skipped the winery idea and headed straight to our friend’s blissful home WAY out in the hills. Very quiet. Very lovely. But not before snapping this photo in which I’m wearing a sweater, jeans, plaid button-up shirt, and suede booties ALL from Madewell. Embarrassing? I didn’t plan it! The bag, at least, is different: from American Apparel. Oh! And the sunglasses are vintage. Anyway, we ended up sleeping over at our friends’ place, so I wore the same thing the next day too. Luckily Madewell makes a very good weekend outfit.

Madewell Opening Party Attracts San Francisco’s Coolest Fashionistas

The Madewell opening party last night in San Francisco’s Westfield Center was chock full of more fashionably-inclined people in our seven mile by seven mile city than I realized existed. The beautifully-appointed and beachy shop was steamy and packed with folks wanting to get a gander at the new store and take advantage of the 15 percent party discount on jeans. The crowd made shopping a tad challenging, as did carrying a glass of wine in one hand and a brownie in the other (try taking photos on top of that — this is partly why mine are perhaps not the best). Nevertheless, a fun time was had by all, possibly excluding those who actually attempted to make their way to the dressing rooms and cash registers. Also, there were no Mickey Drexler sightings for us, which my husband was particularly sad about. We suggest heading back on Monday at lunch time when the crowds will have thinned and the dressing rooms will be all yours. Because there are some really covetable garments and accessories available in there (many of them sourced locally) that are perfect for pairing with your (fake, of course) tan and beachy summer waves! Check out our gallery of party shenanigans below!

UPDATE: Catch another party at Madewell tomorrow and get your craft on! Make your own belt or badge, get all the deets at Refinery29!

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Mickey Drexler Homecoming: Madewell Fetes New San Francisco Store in Westfield Center Tonight!

Image via Refinery29/Shilpi Tomar

In the 90’s, Mickey Drexler swooped into San Francisco to blow up the Gap. Twenty years later, he’s CEO at JCrew and expanding his empire with a spankin new Madewell store in downtown San Francisco. Katie Hintz at Refinery29 has a great interview with Drexler, who shared many of his thoughts on how to succeed in business. My favorite: have a vision and don’t give up on it. He describes how the first two Madewell stores in Dallas and Las Vegas failed miserably, but he knew the concept was a good one and kept trying. If you’d like to help him celebrate his success — AND get 15 percent off all jeans — come to the opening party tonight on the first floor of the Westfield. There will also of course be eats, drinks and a DJ. See you there!

When: Thursday, July 14, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Where: Madewell, 845 Market Street (1st floor of the Westfield Mall)