Munchkin for My Munchkin

DSC02810 Munchkin for My Munchkin

Ah, dinnertime. That daily family event when toddlers run around with food in their mouths and in their hair and on their hands which they smear onto camel-colored couches purchased before children were present. Oh, just us? OK yes this is our own fault. It’s a blur as to why, but we thought Frida was ready for a normal big-person chair. I had been using a booster for her since forever… I never actually used a high-chair. We went from Bumbo to booster. Anyway, she seemed ready and she was definitely willing—she climbed into our chairs and seemed to manage OK from there. But we quickly learned that the freedom came too soon. She bolted from the chair after a bite or two, which led to the inevitable tantrums when we tried to get her to stay put. Just as this experiment led us to accepting that our child needed to be strapped down during mealtimes, we were about to leave for a Sonoma getaway with friends and family.

DSC02807 001 Munchkin for My Munchkin

The beautiful Knowleton farm where our family was staying.

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That Time I Didn’t Overpack

IMG 0530 e1358877114937 That Time I Didnt Overpack

If these pants look familiar, it’s because I also wore them in my previous outfit post, which was taken on the same trip to Sonoma as these photos. What can I say, with a baby in my life, I’m not getting out all that much these days! And also because of the little missy, I wanted for once in my life to not overpack since I also had to pack for her. And I pretty much succeeded! As you can see, I got double duty out of the pants and shoes. Hopefully no one noticed.

IMG 0546 e1358877140235 That Time I Didnt Overpack

IMG 0557 e1358877062970 That Time I Didnt Overpack

IMG 0548 001 e1358877016327 That Time I Didnt Overpack

Sweater: Pretty Penny Stock, purchased at Acrimony; vest: J. Crew, similar here; bag: Topshop, similar here; November (similar here); belt: purchased in Guatemala approximately 100 years ago, similar here; booties: Opening Ceremony; socks: Timberland; earrings: Sheila B; ring: Alkemie, similar here; glasses: See Eyewear.

That Time When You Realize Everything You’re Wearing Is From Madewell

IMG 4517 That Time When You Realize Everything Youre Wearing Is From Madewell
Photo by Kourosh Karimkhany

The husband and I went to visit some friends in Geyserville this weekend, and on the way up we thought we’d maybe stop at a winery. We did not realize it was “Barrel-Tasting Weekend,” and we didn’t really know what that meant. But we found out! It meant copious wine tasting and drunk loud people. So we skipped the winery idea and headed straight to our friend’s blissful home WAY out in the hills. Very quiet. Very lovely. But not before snapping this photo in which I’m wearing a sweater, jeans, plaid button-up shirt, and suede booties ALL from Madewell. Embarrassing? I didn’t plan it! The bag, at least, is different: from American Apparel. Oh! And the sunglasses are vintage. Anyway, we ended up sleeping over at our friends’ place, so I wore the same thing the next day too. Luckily Madewell makes a very good weekend outfit.